Everything you know about Russia and the USSR is a lie. Dr. Grover Furr interviews on China Rising Radio Sinoland

JEFF J. BROWN—As the China editor for The Greanville Post (, I get copied on a lot of emails concerning ongoing conversations with other members of the editorial team, about articles in the pipeline to be published. About a year ago, one of those exchanges was with Dr. Grover Furr, about the book he was publishing at the time, Yezhov vs. Stalin. I was intrigued, ordered and read the book and came away fascinated and feeling that for the first time in my life, a bright light shined on the history of the USSR and Russia, with Joseph Stalin front and center.


US FORCES LEAVING AL-TANF…AND SYRIA. Russia remains in the Levant

ELIJAH MAGNIER—Russian sources involved in the preparation of the Putin-Trump summit, expected this month in Europe, believe the Russian President can offer enough guarantees to the US president to leave the Levant before the US gets caught in the Syrian-Iraqi quagmire. The key to attaining this objective is for Trump to hold enough elements to guarantee the safety of Israel – to his mind – with no Iranian or Hezbollah forces deployed on the disengagement line of 1974. But of course Russia cannot offer any guarantee that Syria will not claim back its occupied territory in the Golan Heights.


Sabre-Rattling With Russia

BRIAN CLOUGHLEY—The Western media’s reporting of President Putin’s speech to Russia’s Federal Assembly on March 1 was intriguing.  It concentrated almost entirely on Russian weapons’ developments, with the New York Times, for example, reporting that the President “used the speech to reassure Russians that the military buildup was taking place.”  The 1500 words of the NYT report were almost entirely devoted to Putin’s description of Russian weapons designed to deter US-NATO adventurism, and a mere 65 words covered the social improvement programs he described.