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First created for our fraternal site Cyrano’s JournalVIRTUAL UNIVERSITY is a space specifically devoted to materials that people should have acquired in college but for a variety of reasons, including the degradation of higher education in the United States  (making it more “vocational”), and the strong bourgeois bias that permeates all disciplines, never did.  Stay tuned, as we are still working on a very large curriculum backlog and more essays of lasting quality may be posted at any time.



Will Vietnam Embrace China After Trump’s Election?

ABOVE IMAGE: Saigon traffic jam. By Andre Vltchek Common wisdom says that after Donald Trump got elected in the United ...
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The Iron Heel at Home: Force Matters

By PAUL STREET Soft Power, Hard Power I’ve long been taken aback by the readiness of some leading left intellectuals ...
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Fascism with a Democratic Party Face

By BAR executive editor Glen Ford "At this moment in history, the corporate Democratic fascists are the more aggressively warlike ...
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In Honor of Fidel

THE DUOPOLY WATCH | Steven Jonas, MD, MPH Special to The Greanville Post | Commentary No. 67: “In Honor of ...
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Washington Post Sloppy ‘Journalism’ Blames Russia for “Fake News” Crisis and Trump’s Win, While Pushing Neo-McCarthyism

By Patrick Henningsen Originally at 21st Century Wire The mainstream media’s post-election hysteria has taken on new level of crazy ...
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What Does it Mean to be an American Liberal Today?

By Danny Haiphong Originally posted on 06/07/2016 Liberalism is “an ideology rooted in a nation founded upon imperial conquest and ...
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