Planet Orwell: Obama to get more awards and honors as peace and justice warrior…


The man who—among other things— qualifies as a war criminal for the Syrian and Ukrainian human rights catastrophes slated to receive award for “exceptional work toward a more just and peaceful world.”

Editor’s Note: The American crony capitalist establishment is so corrupt, and so reliant on its bloated p.r. infrastructure for the indispensable task of legitimation, that some of its moves are becoming transparently absurd if not downright laughable. It’s Orwellian time all the time in the New Rome.

We all know that in the realm of grotesque praise for the titular heads of the imploding empire, Obama’s reign suitably began with the utterly prostituted Nobel Peace Award bestowed by a bunch of sclerotic Norwegian flunkies on a man who, for starters, had done nothing to deserve such award (already tarnished by having Kissinger among others as a recipient) and who promptly went on to make a joke of the prize by threatening and waging all sorts of wars, covert and overt, plus underhanded imperialist interventions, assassinations and renditions, in various regions of this tormented planet, from the Middle East to Ukraine, to Latin America, and even the shores of China—his much trumpeted “pivot to the Pacific”.  Of course, the man did all this and more, with plenty of style, something that impresses liberals, always more attentive to form than substance.  (The ceremony is scheduled for today, 12 December 2018).

As to the organization honoring Obama, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights outfit, the less said the better. A cursory inspection of the organization’s site yields a disappointing experience. The 2018 “Laureates” include, besides Obama, Phil Murphy, NJ’s new governor (his title misspelled), and a couple of CEOs, one for the notorious Humana healthcare leech, the other for a media exec, the chief of Discovery channel, perhaps the least objectionable of the choices.  This seems consistent with the organization’s boilerplate mission statement:  “Celebrating leaders of the international business, entertainment, and activist communities who have demonstrated a commitment to social change and reflect Robert Kennedy’s passion for equality, justice, basic human rights, and his belief that we all must strive to “make gentle the life of this world…” In other words, yada yada yada.

In America, establishmentarians are constantly passing awards among themselves like hands in a rigged poker game. Meanwhile, no one seems to raise objections to the notion of giving awards to business people, the very vectors for the capitalist disease wrecking the nation and the planet itself. Maybe it’s because, as we all know so well, America is a civilisation from inception marinated in business values, and these days, with the crowning of a perfervid totalitarian capitalism, business guys and their glorified servants is all there is. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that almost all of these nonprofit boards are staffed by business cronies and affluent liberals dependant on the former’s largesse for some of their discretionary income and social status.

So it’s clear from the above that this inbred outfit, despite its investment in the saintly image of Robert Kennedy, is nothing but a propaganda appendage for the Democrats; a cynical tool designed to blow incense at the party’s apparatchiks and sacred cows, and to signal the party’s favor to reigning plutocrats it commingles with. Its list of honorees which includes both Clintons, Joe Biden and now Obama, proves the point: they are all, without exception, crooks of one sort or another, political flunkies, clueless liberal celebrities, and war criminals. This is the kind of place that dishonors you by the simple act of nominating you. Naturally, the kept media will report this ridiculous event with all the fawning solemnity they reserve for their paymasters. Below, a write-up that appeared last August on the Washington Examiner.—PG

Obama to receive Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights award

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights on Monday named former President Barack Obama as one of its Ripple of Hope laureates.

“Laureates were selected for their exceptional work toward a more just and peaceful world,” the nonprofit organization said in a statement. It cited Obama’s accomplishments as president, as well as his ongoing commitment to “lifting up the next generation of leaders through his work with the Obama Foundation.” (sic)

Obama will receive the award alongside Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, and Humana CEO Bruce D. Broussard.

“Bobby Kennedy was one of my heroes,” Obama said in a statement. “I first got into public service because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, believing that my own salvation was bound up with the salvation of others. That’s something he expressed far better than I ever could … That’s what I’m determined to help inspire and cultivate over the rest of my career — the idea that anybody can be one of the millions of acts of conscience and voices raised against injustice.”

The organization’s founder, Ethel Kennedy, will present the awards to the recipients during the annual Ripple of Hope gala in New York City on Dec. 12.

Past recipients include Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Tim Cook, and actors George Clooney and Robert De Niro.

Just in case you thought  the above was not preposterous enough, here’s another honor bestowed on the illustrious Obama—this one is “the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government”. Yea, FOR ethics is government. See it for yourself. This is surely what students of US culture call “the manufacturing of reality”.

Former President Obama delivers speech at University of Illinois

NBC News

Streamed live on Sep 7, 2018
Former President Barack Obama will step back into the political forum with a speech ahead of the 2018 midterm elections after he is presented with the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government by the University of Illinois System.

P. Greanville is editor in chief of the Greanville Post.

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Revolutionary wisdom

Words from an Irish patriot—


“There are three kinds of violence. The first, the mother of all the others, is the institutional violence, the one that legalizes and perpetuates the dominations, the oppressions and the exploitations, the one that crushes and flattens millions of men in its silent and well oiled wheels. The second is revolutionary violence, which arises from the desire to abolish the first. The third is repressive violence, the object of which is to stifle the second by making itself the auxiliary and the accomplice of the first violence, the one that engenders all the others. There is no worse hypocrisy to call violence only the second, by pretending to forget the first, which gives birth to it, and the third which kills it. ”

Dom Helder Camara, Brazilian Archbishop and liberation theologian



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8 thoughts on “Planet Orwell: Obama to get more awards and honors as peace and justice warrior…

  1. No matter how terrible the news is, there is always something worse to follow! Obama of the “only me between you (banksters) and the pitchforks”, the “look forward not backwards” absolution of criminals, Obama who magically resurrected Osama bin Laden so he could boast of then killing him to fulsome praise from the public.
    Since his election was designated the best advertising campaign of the year, all this had to follow.

  2. So Barack Obama, the Predator Drone president, not only has won a Nobel Peace Prize but now some kind of “Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights” award.

    Next up, Donald Trump is given an award for his advocacy of immigrant rights and the children of undocumented immigrants.

    They can give Trump a statue of a child in a cage.


  3. Trump, Bush and Obama are all of the same cloth. Both Trump and Bush are bozos, incompetent, mouthy, bellicose and embarrassing. Obama is the quintessential presidential appearing leader, His bearing, his speech and his manners have all the hallmarks of a born leader. He is, unfortunately the same as the other two under his thin veneer of charm and empathy. He has murdered so many third worlders, that you can’t even properly count them all and that includes large numbers of children also. Of course he got his wonderful (support the troops) military to do the killing, the bloody slaughter of innocents. He is still responsible though, just as responsible as the other two reprobates!

  4. Obama when you bomb the living hell out of another region, enact economic sanctions on them that kill children and impede their ability to survive, much less improve and move toward a peaceful society, ..all a manner of completely unnecessary and immoral strategies, I cannot condone in any capacity that your actions are in any way justifiable.

    Therefore, I can with relative confidence conclude that the deaths of American Armed Forces is morally justifiable as they are the aggressors, not only on the homefront by receiving their paychecks through extortion and taxation theft, but also due to their imperialism abroad. This is what you get when you blindly follow evil.

  5. It’s utterly incomprehensible that there remain those who think anything positive about Obomber, and yet still refer to themselves as homo sapiens. Where else but in Amarka do they refer to war criminals and mass murderers as “presidents” and “Nobel Prize Recipients?”

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