Israel Shamir (Russian: Исраэль Шамир; born 1947),[1] also known by the names Robert David, Vassili Krasevsky[2], Jöran Jermas[3][4] and Adam Ermash, is a Russian-born Swedish writer and journalist.[5][6][7][8] He is a commentator on ArabIsraeli relations and Jewish culture.[9][10][11] Originally from Novosibirsk, Shamir says that he moved to Israel in 1969.[12][13][14] He says that he served as an Israeli paratrooper in the Yom Kippur War, after which he took up journalism and writing. Shamir writes about Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish people, and has published or self-published a number of books that have been translated into several languages; the French edition of Flowers of Galilee (2004) was banned for a time in France over allegations of antisemitism. Shamir has been accused of antisemitism and Holocaust denial,[16][17] charges he has rejected. (See complete Wikipedia profile.)