GLEN FORD: Pelosi Sabotages Medicare for All, But Corporate Media Pretend Not to Notice

GLEN FORD—The corporate media is part of the conspiracy of silence on Pelosi’s undercover Medicare for All machinations, just as they collude in ignoring Bernie Sanders’ steady stream of speeches on this issue and a slew of wildly popular proposals that would end private exploitation of a whole range of services to the people. Although single payer healthcare would directly benefit most businesses that employ workers, by eliminating profit-driven insurance payments and driving down drug and hospital costs, passage of Medicare for All would open Pandora’s box, shattering the corporate consensus on endless austerity and the sanctity of the “market.” Nobody but the Lords of Capital believes in the “market,” which is nothing but the state-protected right to profiteer from essential human needs. To preserve the fiction that “there is no alternative” to capitalist markets (Margaret Thatcher), the corporate media erases the people’s public options through its control of the political narrative.


Velvet Buzzsaw: The horror of the art world

DAVID WALSH—Gilroy’s disgust with the art trade is understandable, as is even the desire for some sort of dramatic “settling of accounts” with all the scoundrels involved. The quasi-supernatural element, however, becomes something of a distraction, and a detraction, something of an easy way out. (Aside from the fact that it is misleading, to say the least, to suggest that an untrained madman could produce significant art.)


‘ Not in My Name’ : An Interview with the Almighty

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—As per Almighty: “Well, since you are from the West and especially the USA, I will concentrate on things from that viewpoint, OK? Just in the past few decades you allow men to lead you who are false witnesses to the truth. From Mr. ” I feel your pain” to Mr. ” Unite not divide ” , to ” Mr. ‘ Hope and Change” to now ” Make America Great Again “, these men were as insincere as the Pharisees. It is up to those of you who ‘ see the light ‘ of truth and forgiveness and yes, even justice, to inspire the others of your kind to move in a better direction. It is written in the Bible, which so many of your people hold so dear: “Let justice prevail or may the heavens fall.”