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First, send all unsolicited materials to:

NOTE: General Administrator and for all office enquiries, contact Margo Stiles (

We prefer pieces focusing on domestic and international political issues, as well as historical, media, environmental and animal abuse/defense questions, plus general cultural matters, the arts, including satire (gotta be good, though!), and book reviews.  We no longer publish poetry for a variety of reasons, including the fact that stanzas are difficult to represent online and are therefore prohibitively time-consuming.  This list is not exhaustive, so, in doubt query us. 

Length isn’t a real issue since this is the Web, after all, but don’t send us your version of War & Peace unless you think you can top Tolstoi.  As a rule, it is the quality and timeliness of the piece that determines its publication. If it’s good, we’ll run it or reach an agreement on how to edit it down to a mutually acceptable length. Multi-part articles are OK. TGP reserves the right to edit for length, insert annotations (comments by the editors that we hope will strengthen or clarify the article). We will give you the opportunity to proof any work we edit before posting. 

We receive a large number of unsolicited articles so —regrettably—we can’t accommodate all submissions. If for some reason your piece does NOT appear within five days of being sent, it may not get published. However, this is not always the case as frequently several editors may look at a piece and set down different topical priorities. Even if your piece is formally rejected or fails to get published, do not get discouraged about sending other work.  There are a number of reasons why we may forgo posting a submission, quality of work isn’t necessarily the only one. Time constraints do not allow us to respond to you with reasons why a particular piece may have been rejected.  Previous success in getting a piece posted on TGP does not guarantee publication of future work.

Article(s) should be pasted in the body of an email using simple text format.  Please put “Article Submission” in the subject field of any email submission. Also, indicate clearly who is the author of the article, and where it may have been published before.  All articles must include a brief bioblurb

Please do not fail to include a title/headline for your submission. You’d be surprised how many people send articles without any title, not even suggestions. Please let us know if there are any accompanying pictures or graphics, and specify any special text formatting needs. If there are citations or references to other work available on the web, please send along the URLs so we can create text links. Footnotes are cool. They should appear as follows: [1], [2], etc, with the full reference(s) at the end of the article (we’ll create linkable footnotes).

Please do proofread your work before sending it in: check your grammar, spelling, look for typos, etc.  Authors who are routinely careless in this regard will cease to be published as we lack the staff to make constant corrections. Editors normally check whether a piece is credible or not, but we may be wrong. In any case, the ultimate responsibility is yours. It’s your byline. So fact check your work carefully. Once the piece is online, those errors may crop up everywhere and embarrass you. 

It is understood that articles published in The Greanville Post and/or Cyrano’s Journal Today do not necessarily reflect the views of its editors or contributing writers. As well, statements and positions by the editor (s) do not necessarily reflect the views of any contributing writer to TGP/CJT. It is further understood that the editors reserve the right to insert captions, images and pull quotes to enhance the impact of the article. These materials and/or their selection are not to be blamed on or credited to the author of the piece, but solely on the editors of The Greanville Post. 

One more thing. At this point TGP cannot pay for any materials submitted for publication. We survive on the legendary shoestring, have no rich donors, and our bills multiply faster than the crimes of the imperialist entities we crititicise. Sorry. 

Writers retain full copyright control of their work.

Just drop us a note at  We’ll try to reply as soon as possible, but don’t give up on us too quickly. Our normal state of affairs is swampiness, so things can get a bit molassy around here. Patience, du patience...

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