The Myth Of Hitler’s Gun Ban

By  The Propaganda Professor
Editor’s Note: We have borrowed from the original site a couple of comments and the replies by the author. The thread is worth examining as it reminds us, for the Nth time, how many COMPLETE imbeciles (most your low-info Fox News zombies or Christian zealots), walk around proudly brandishing pseudo-knowledge and pseudo-understanding, the worst kind of ignorance.  It’s worth pointing out that in a nation where far too many people believe “everyone’s entitled to an opinion”, and the mainstream media do nothing to clarify anything of importance, this kind of entrenched and petulant stupidity is liable to continue to multiply. —P. Greanville

Roser 02 (Chip)Whenever a politician, or anyone else, starts talking about regulating guns, it’s a safe bet that someone will bring up how Hitler supposedly outlawed guns in Germany, which supposedly enabled him to do all the mischief he did.  As we’ve noted before, Adolf is a staple reference among propagandists. It’s become an automatic response to compare anyone you don’t like to Der Fuhrer, on the grounds that since he was evil incarnate, everything he ever said or did must also be evil. People have even been known to suggest that since he was a vegetarian, vegetarians are evil. It’s not surprising, then, that you often see this quote pop up:

“This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”  –Adolf Hitler, 1935

Trouble is, Hitler never made such a speech in 1935. Nor is there any record that he ever spoke these particular words at all.  This little “speech” was obviously written for him, many years after his death, by someone who wanted you to believe that gun registration is Hitler-evil.

What he did say, seven years later, was this: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” So it’s fair to conclude that he believed “gun control” had its uses. But that’s quite a different thing from claiming that “gun control” was instrumental in the NAZI rise to power.

And the truth is that no gun law was passed in Germany in 1935. There was no need for one, since a gun registration program was already in effect in Germany; it was enacted in 1928, five years before Hitler’s ascendancy.  But that law did not “outlaw” guns, it just restricted their possession to individuals who were considered law-abiding citizens, and who had a reason to own one. And there’s no reason to consider that law particularly significant, either; the NAZIs didn’t seize control of their own country with gunpowder. They used a much more potent weapon: propaganda.

Under their reign, Jews were prohibited from owning guns, just as they were prohibited from doing many things. And it has become an article of faith among the gun culture that had they been armed, the Holocaust would not have happened (that is, among those members of the gun culture who know that the Holocaust really did happen). But the concept of a handful of citizens armed with hunting rifles and Saturday night specials fending off an army is delusional hubris peculiar to gun addicts. On American soil, its most glorious day in the sun has been perhaps Waco. And we all know how well that turned out.

The gun culture is right about one thing, however. Hitler really did enact a new gun law. But it was in 1938, not 1935 – well after the NAZIs already had the country in its iron grip. Furthermore, the new law in many ways LOOSENED gun restrictions. For example, it greatly expanded the numbers who were exempt, it lowered the legal age of possession from 20 to 18, and it completely lifted restriction on all guns except handguns, as well as on ammunition.

Given all of this, it’s pretty hard to make a case that “gun control” played a significant role in NAZI conquest. In fact, one might well say that when gun addicts brandish Hitler as a weapon, they are unwittingly arguing against their own cause.

NOTE:  (1/10/13) Following the link to this post by Randi Rhodes, my readership has gone through the roof, for which I am grateful. But it means this post has been bombarded with comments, and it may take time to sort through them all. Furthermore, I may not respond to all of them. I will, however, do at least one followup to this column.

About The Propaganda Professor
For the time being, I have chosen to remain anonymous for several reasons — not the least of which is that I want this blog to be about my research and analysis rather than about me. But since some readers have expressed curiosity about my identity, I’ll at least give you a rough outline.

I am a Caucasian male in my fifties. I am an American citizen. I am a left-handed vegetarian. I have a grown son of whom I am damn proud. My background is in folklore, literature and forensics. I am not an expert in history, science or math, though I consider myself better versed in those topics than the average lay person. I was once a film critic. I also once worked for the IRS. Both jobs were fun jobs working with fun people. Really.

I do not belong to any political party or persuasion. I have voted only once in my life, and that was more than 20 years ago. Any interest I have in politics stems mostly from its prominence as an arena for propaganda. I tend to support whatever works rather than whatever fits an established paradigm. (By contemporary standards, this marks me as a “liberal”.)

I have absolutely no religious beliefs. Nor am I the least bit interested in acquiring any. But thank you for asking.

I am a multiple award-winning writer. I am also a composer. I’m an avid outdoorsman, but I have absolutely no interest in hunting or fishing. I have traveled extensively, and have spent at least a fair amount of time in almost every state.

And for what it’s worth, I’m a Gemini.

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6 thoughts on “The Myth Of Hitler’s Gun Ban

  1. The following comments (from the site of THE PROPAGANDA PROFESSOR—”The Author”, with whom we naturally agree) are deployed here to give our readers a taste of how tough, how Quixotic it is to try and re-educate stupid people in an atmosphere of cultural free-for-all (the normal condition of America) while the engines of rightwing confusion work unchallenged. Most of the critics —starting with these two—are guilty of selective reading with a vengeance. The mark of the upsidedown rightwing mind.—The Editors.

    We have added descriptors to avoid confusion…
    Patrick (a Christian-obsessed zealot who watches too much Faux News) says:
    May 17, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    In 1935, under Hitler’s rule, prayers ceased to be obligatory in schools. In 1962, The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed school prayer.

    Hitler eliminated Christian holidays in the schools first by calling Christmas “Yuletide.” Most American public schools now call Christmas vacation a “winter break.”

    Hitler took Easter out of schools and instead honored that time of year as the beginning of spring. It has likewise become common for schools in America to refer to time off at Easter as “spring break.”

    Hitler controlled the church using intimidation and threats. A half-century ago, U.S. Senator and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson, promoted a bill that included an amendment to use the Internal Revenue Service to remove the non-profit status of a church that speaks against the election of any specific political candidate.

    Hitler enticed thousands of pastors to promote paganism in their congregations. Neopaganism is one of the fastest growing religions in America, doubling every 18 months according to a June 2008 article in The Denver Post. Many American church-goers practice paganism such as “Christian” yoga, contemplative prayer, and walking a labyrinth. As evidence that church doors continue to open further to aberrant beliefs, a 2008 survey found that 57% of evangelicals do not believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

    Hitler was an environmentalist and vegetarian. Marriages performed by the Nazi state frequently included blessings of “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky.” Today Americans increasingly accept radical environmentalism, pantheism, and the celebration of Earth Day.

    Hitler was fascinated by eastern mysticism. Today an increasing number of American pastors encourage their followers to become “mystic warriors”.

    Hitler believed in reincarnation. He even convinced SS officers that by murdering millions of Jews and other “undesirables” they were allowing them to get on with the reincarnation process and come back more quickly in an advanced status. Americans increasingly accept the idea of reincarnation as well as good and bad karma.

    Hitler’s holocaust killed between 8 and 11 million Jews and non-Jews. Americans have killed an estimated 50 million babies since abortion was legalized through the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. According to a July 7, 2008 article on “An abortionist who claims to have destroyed more than 20,000 unborn children and who once was Hillary Clinton’s OB-GYN says he is doing ‘God’s work’ when he terminates a pregnancy…He admits that abortion kills a human soul.”

    Hitler killed 270,000 handicapped people through active euthanasia.[1] America and the courts are rushing toward the same with the murder of individuals such as Terri Schiavo. Oregon voters passed their Death with Dignity Act in 1994 and re-affirmed it in 1997. Washington state voters legalized doctor-assisted suicide on November 4, 2008. In December 2008, a Montana judge ruled terminally ill residents of that state have the right to physician-assisted suicide, and “death with dignity” is gaining acceptance in other states as well.

    By 1938, all private schools were abolished by Hitler and all education placed under Nazi control. There is constant pressure from federal and many state education authorities to require that Christian schools use state-mandated, humanistic textbooks. The Home School Legal Defense Association is fighting numerous battles at any given time to prevent parents from loosing the right to educate their children as they see fit. In August 2008, a federal district court ruled that the state of California university system may choose not to recognize the diplomas-and thereby deny college entrance to-students who attended a school using textbooks that express a Biblical worldview in the areas of history and science (i.e., Christian schools). Hitler prevented dissenters from using radio to challenge his worldview. Many powerful liberals in America have made clear their intent to reintroduce the “Fairness Doctrine” that would require conservative and religious radio stations to offer equal time to anti-Christian, anti-conservative worldviews.

    Pastors who spoke against Hitler’s worldview and his murderous regime found themselves on trial and frequently imprisoned for “Abuse of Pulpit.” In America, hate-crime legislation has the potential to criminalize Christians and pastors who speak out against the homosexual agenda.

    Many Christians in Germany justified their allegiance to Hitler through a belief that “Their duty to God was spiritual; their duty to the state was political.”[2] Many American Christians now have bought the lie that their worldview can be divided between the secular and the sacred-the politician has one area of responsibility, the pastor another, and never shall the two meet. Yet the Bible teaches that all issues are fundamentally spiritual.

    Hitler outlawed the cross and replaced it with the swastika. Today many churches, Christian colleges, and universities have willingly removed the cross from their buildings. Numerous court cases sponsored by the ACLU have required the removal of the cross from public grounds. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the Ten Commandments cannot be posted on public grounds for religious purposes.

    Hitler was fascinated with Friedrich Nietzsche and distributed his writings to his inner circle. Nietzsche promoted Nihilism, the belief that life has no meaning, and he is best known for his position that “God is dead”. Nietzsche is presently one of the most widely read authors by American college students.

    Hitler exploited the economic collapse of Germany to take over as dictator and usher in his brand of socialism. America’s financial crisis has given liberals in both political parties the opportunity to grow the size of government and implement freedom-robbing socialism at lightning speed.

    Hitler was obsessed with globalism, and many of America’s most powerful political leaders are willing to subjugate American sovereignty to contemporary globalism.
    Many Germans responded to Hitler by retreating into neutrality. Today most Americans prefer to remain neutral on moral issues that they think don’t affect them personally.
    On trial after World War II, Hitler’s henchmen used the defense that they had not broken any laws. True, they had not defied the laws of Germany since those had been re-written to fit the goals and objectives of Hitler. The Nazi leaders were nevertheless found guilty because the courts at the time recognized a “law above the law.” Yet now the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the law of nature and nature’s God by claiming that as society evolves, morals evolve, and so the law, too, must evolve.
    Calling upon Darwinian evolution, Hitler convinced the German people that purging millions of people was acceptable because of the need to create a pure race; also referred to as eugenics. American students across the board have been educated in Darwinian evolution because the Supreme Court has ruled that creation cannot be taught in our schools-even if both creation and evolution are taught side by side.
    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood in America became acquainted with the doctors and scientists that had worked with Nazi Germany’s eugenics program and had no quarrel with the euthanasia, sterilization, abortion, and infanticide programs of the early Reich.[3] Sanger even published several articles in Birth Control Review that reflected Hilter’s White Supremacist worldview. Planned Parenthood now grosses one billion per year.

    In Germany, pastors often cited Romans 13:1-2 to encourage Christians to obey the Nazis. Today in America, many pastors have a false view of Romans 13:1-2 and have convinced millions that to disobey governing authorities is to disobey God. This poor training would facilitate Christians here doing just as the German Christians did if faced with similar challenges.

    Germans accepted socialism to avoid pain. Today’s Americans are rejecting capitalism in exchange for government-sponsored “free” healthcare, education, and countless other government handouts.

    Many Americans accept what I call, One World Spirituality. This is actually an amalgamation of the three worldviews of evolutionary humanism, Hindu pantheism, and occultism. I noted earlier that Hitler embraced all of these.
    America is rushing toward government-sponsored, national healthcare. We already have a form of this in Medicare and Medicaid. Hitler, too, expanded and centralized Germany’s healthcare system. As Melchior Palyi explained, “The ill-famed Dr. Ley, boss of the Nazi labor front, did not fail to see that the social insurance system could be used for Nazi politics as a means of popular demagoguery, as a bastion of bureaucratic power, [and] as an instrument of regimentation.”


    P.O.P.[The author]

    May 17, 2012 at 7:34 pm
    Holy crap. You appear to be a walking encyclopedia of misinformation. I won’t bother debunking all of this garbage here, as it would take a great deal of space, and most if not all of it will be addressed in my future posts, if they haven’t been addressed already. But your very first statement is quite typical of what follows it: your implication is that if prayers “ceased to be obligatory” under Hitler, that’s tantamount to “outlawing” prayer. But more important, you repeat the tired old myth that the U.S. Supreme Court itself “outlawed” prayer. Not so, of course. ( I truly feel a great deal of sympathy for anyone who believes ANY of the things you’ve said here – much less ALL of them!

    Patrick says:
    May 17, 2012 at 7:37 pm
    In two landmark decisions, Engel v. Vitale (1962) and Abington School District v. Schempp (1963), the US Supreme Court established what is now the current prohibition on state-sponsored prayer in schools.

    P.O.P. says:
    May 17, 2012 at 7:41 pm
    One needn’t even be familiar with such rulings to spot your straw man. First you talk about outlawing school prayer. Then you substitute a ban on “state-sponsored prayer” in schools. A gargantuan difference.

    sabretruthtiger [This guy also watches too much Fox News. He’s a fool in capital letters.] says:
    July 23, 2012 at 6:07 am
    Indeed environmentalism, paganism, evolution etc has been hijacked in the name of promoting nature above humans as a eugenicist control mechanism.

    Anyone with an IQ over 50 that has looked into the facts knows that anthropogenic global warming is a complete scam with zero evidence to back it up and overwhelming evidence against it.

    The globalists also want humanity to go vegetarian to weaken us. Meat promotes health, muscular strength, iron, aminos etc and is an important part of the diet, especially for the warrior caste. Yes some humans are born with strength and lots of fast twitch muscle, they are the ‘warriors and protectors’ if you will. The globalists want to undermine health/muscular development as much as possible in preparation for the future escalation of military interaction with the populace.

    Vegetarians are also psychologically more predisposed to evil acts than meat eaters. They tend to eschew the animalistic vices, whereas meat eaters tend to be more sexual and animalistic, this mindset tends to go hand in hand with empathic animalistic kindness. People with fleshly vices like meat, sex, (and cigars, drink etc) tend to have the human empathic kind quality whereas the vegetarian clean-living types with no vices almost always tend to have one vice……..power.

    This is not all vegetarians of course but a general tendency exists towards the afore-mentioned personality traits.

    The globalist environmental anti-human religion gives the power hungry vegetarian types the chance to get some real power and have it pseudo-legitimised via the globalist ethos.

    P.O.P. [The author] says:
    July 23, 2012 at 1:52 pm
    Please stop, my sides are absolutely splitting. Just mark me down as one of those vegetarian, environmentalist, evolutionist naturalists with an !Q below 50 who is very impressed by the mountain of solid “zero” evidence pointing to anthropogenic global warming. Oh, and I’ve also been an extremely healthy and active vegetarian for some 25 years, during which time I’ve seen my carnivorous friends and relatives drop like flies and develop a host of health problems. Wanna arm wrestle?

  2. Solidly conservative people are quite literally out of their minds. They are insane fanatics who do not allow reality to interfere with the “sacred tenets” of their chosen cult or in-group. A compelling study has been done by a psychologist that proves that conservatism is essentially a mental illness / personality disorder. It is truly a pathological condition. I might add that many so-called American liberals are also quite conservative in their own way and may exhibit some traces of this sickness as well. Sound overly harsh and shocking? Judge for yourself.

    Read the free book reporting Dr. Altemeyer’s findings and conclusions here:

    1. We appreciate Joseph’s comment (which totally reflects our views on conservatives and any variations thereof) and his suggestion about the book by Prof. Altemeyer on the authoritarian character, a solid contribution to this issue. We will be making this book available directly on TGP.

      In far too many cases “conservatism” is a mental/social disease at once, a social pestilence that should be treated and obliterated. While on the topic, it’s worth noting that since the media and most pulpits that mould opinion have long been heavily controlled and infested with such voices, “conservatism” is still regarded by many clueless people and social climbers, as a label that connotes “respectability.” Considering what conservatives do and represent in most societies, it should be regarded instead as “child molester,” or worse.
      —The Editors

  3. Is there a way to follow this particular author’s posts? I enjoyed the writing style and look forward to more straight-forward information.

  4. This is interesting. I’d like to share but it insults too directly those who should read it and listen to it, so they won’t. But it seems fine as far as preaching to the choir. Leave out judgmental statements like “complete imbeciles” and stop accusing those groups (Christian zealots, etc.) who might benefit from this information, I’d love to post it otherwise. I agree with your comments, and appreciate the info. But word it so that the folks you are criticizing will also pay attention, otherwise they won’t. They are your audience, not me.

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