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Top 10 Misconceptions About Charlottesville

Armed attacks are not covered by the First Amendment. I can and have argued at length for the strategic — never mind legal — need to respect odious free speech, and — more importantly — to respect and build bridgesREAD ON

Vassal Aristocracies Increasingly Resist Control by U.S. Aristocracy

“So, the MIC is the global bully’s fist, and the global bully is the U.S. aristocracy — America’s billionaires, most especially the controlling stockholders in the U.S.-based international corporations…” What will it take to bring America to live according toREAD ON

The Most Dangerous Place in The United States

You fire him on the spot, leave the most dangerous place in The United States, and immediately adopt a plant-based diet.  Six months later, you’ve lost 20 unneeded pounds, feel stronger, younger, and happier.  Cardiovascular disease is history.  It is aREAD ON

Shlomo Sand: Forthrightly Anti-Zionist

Shlomo Sand is not “Jewish” any more Anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism. Claiming otherwise is a long ago discredited canard. Zionism is tyranny by another name. It’s extremist, racist, undemocratic and hateful, a monster threatening anyone and anything it opposes. Years earlier, Israeli EmeritusREAD ON