Health care and the fight for socialism

What is involved here is a social counterrevolution. It has been underway for more than four decades, under Democratic as well as Republican administrations. It was accelerated under the Obama administration following the Wall Street crash of 2008. With theREAD ON

Trump, Qatar and the Danger of Total Confusion

Some people speculate that Trump in his sly wisdom is sending out contrasting messages to obtain his mysterious ends to make America great again. This gives the man too much credit. His problem is that he blabbers whatever—he thinks forREAD ON

Capitalism Kills, Socialism Heals

The success of Jeremy Corbyn in the recent UK elections sent another shockwave through the crisis-ridden system of capitalism. Labour’s insurgent left-wing candidate rallied millions to vote against austerity and war, two fundamental pillars of global capitalist catastrophe. The toneREAD ON

The New York Times steps up its anti-Russia campaign

Not a single one of the reports in the Times or Post is the product of a genuine investigation by journalists. Instead, the main reporting on the “Russian hacking” affair consists of taking dictation from unidentified intelligence officials. In notREAD ON

Macron wins Parliament in landslide: Total failure inevitable

It’s disgusting on this election night to listen to Socialist Party members talk about fighting neoliberalism and getting back to their progressive roots. Their presidential candidate didn’t survive the first round and the party secretary the second round. A “firedREAD ON