Thus Spake Oprah As The New York Times Spots UFOs Over The Comb Over Empire

PHIL ROCKSTROH—Oprah Winfrey is and has been since her entrance into the US mass media hologram one of the capitalist elite’s most effective propagandists. By intention, her New Age snake oil-peddling patter never connects capitalist exploitation as the dominant source of individual suffering. Of course not. Oprah is a US American huckster in the model of Norman Vincent Peale.


How Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post Became the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex’s Chief Propagandist

ERIC ZUESSE—The WP has become even more neoconservative (i.e, more in favor of invading countries that haven’t invaded us) now than it was back in 2002 when it cheered on George W. Bush’s lies about Iraq, after 9/11. How did this change happen? In 2013, Jeff Bezos and Donald Graham met at the Bilderberg conference, and two months later, Bezos agreed to buy the Washington Post from Graham. Less than a year after that, Bezos’s Amazon won the CIA-NSA cloud computing contract, vital to the US military.


Iran protests: Reply to the WSWS response to my critique

RAMIN MAZAHERI—But supporting the democratic will when it takes a nationalist turn – i.e. Iran looking out for Iran – is not Trotskyism. This is one reason why I am not an apologist for Trotskyism. Nor will I apologise for openly defending the Iranian Islamic Revolution and trying to explain it to non-Iranians in my journalism: Iran has real, not theoretical, work to be done, and I hope my small contributions push that work forward a bit.