Gregory Barrett—Can Democracy Save Us?

Does anyone really believe we are even crawling in the direction of real international cooperation with the democratic, pseudo-democratic, fake-democratic and fraudulent sham-democratic jockeying for power kicking up so much dust in the media and the world’s political capitals? Can anyone deny to me with a straight face that, every day, we race farther in exactly the opposite direction, withContinue reading

Washington Post Already Claiming Russiagate Is Still Valid Even If Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker

The Russiagate narrative already looks like a piece of swiss cheese that’s been executed by firing squad, and it’s only getting worse. America’s unelected power establishment is desperate to distract the public from the reality that they live in a country without anything resembling democracy, as well as to manufacture consent for regime change in Russia-occupied Syria and replace PutinContinue reading

The Russian Hacking Fiasco

MIKE WHITNEY, COUNTERPUNCH The people and organizations that are making these uncorroborated claims have no basis for legal action, no presumption of wrongdoing, and no grounds for prosecution. They have nothing. Zilch.  Their claims, charges and accusations are like the soap bubbles we give to our children and grandchildren. The brightly-colored bubbles wobble across the sky for a minute or two and then, Poof, they vanish intoContinue reading

Media Scoundrels’ World: Boston Globe & the rest celebrate Obama’s latest [undeserved] honor

By constantly deforming, denying, and upending reality, the mainstream media protect a hugely criminal and hypocritical system from the just retaliation of its citizen subjects and victims. MAIN IMAGE: Nikki Haley, by Donkey Hotey.  Why contributing to the Greanville Post is urgent and makes sense. DISCLAIMER Fed up with the vile corporate media? GET EVEN. Send a donation to  The Greanville Post–orContinue reading