Time for the “International Left” to Take a Stand on Venezuela

If the international left receives its news about Venezuela primarily from the international media, it is understandable why it is being so quiet. After all, this mainstream media consistently fails to report who is instigating the violence in this conflict.READ ON

The Idiot’s Tale: Signifying What, Exactly?

Don’s sister Ivanka, whom Trump seems smitten by, described what it was like when Daddy decided to play his satyr-like pranks with the kids, often on the ski slopes in Aspen. “We were sort of bred to be competitive,” Ivanka recalled. “DadREAD ON

This is What Plutocracy Looks Like

The howls of outrage coming from displaced Democrats would be hilarious if they weren’t so pathetic. Quickly, who wrote Barack Obama’s ‘signature’ legislation, the ACA (Affordable Care Act)? A health insurance industry lobbyist named Liz Fowler wrote it. Who areREAD ON

Trump meets Putin and Xi—nothing changes.

In the absence of a massive shift in public consciousness in America, the criminals at the helm of the government will not feel compelled to change course.  Trump is scheduled to pay a state visit to China later this year.READ ON

For the Earth’s Sake, Drop “Russiagate” Now

 Kollibri terre Sonnenblume is a writer living on the West Coast of the U.S.A. More of Kollibri’s writing and photos can be found at Macska Moksha Press. [/su_box] Soon enough I was also angered as Democratic partisans fell into lineREAD ON

Mattis and Dunford Lie to Congress; US Congress illegally approves more acts of economic war against Russia and other nations

The Big Bully and its utterly corrupt political class can (still) do what it pleases due to its ludicrous accumulation of coercive brute force • The UNO effectively nullified, a regime of utter lawlessness prevails thanks to Washington.    TargetingREAD ON