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Donald Trump’s interview: a red light to Angela Merkel, the EU and NATO; a green light to Russia

ALEXANDER MERCOURIS The Duran In a wide ranging interview refreshingly free of ideology and propaganda, Donald Trump was dismissive of both NATO and the EU, signalled a tougher line with Germany on trade, hinted he wanted to see the end ...
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Putin Blasts Anti-Trump Prostitutes

Dispatches from STEPHEN LENDMAN P utin diverged from his usual measured diplomatic rhetoric to blast what he called anti-Trump prostitution. Washington’s criminal class and supportive media scoundrels are worse than street whores, without moral scruples, Putin stressed. He spoke candidly ...
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Henningsen: ‘Trump Challenging Scared Cows of US Foreign Policy, But for How Long?’

PATRICK HENNINGSEN JANUARY 17, 2017 BY 21WIRE 21st Century Wire says… Just days before the US inauguration, in his recent interview with the Times of London President-Elect Donald Trump signaled a lifting of US sanctions against Russia in the spirit ...
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David Swanson—Talk Nation: Millions Lose their Minds Over Russia

By David Swanson This week on Talk Nation Radio: millions of Americans lose their everloving minds over unproven accusations against Russia. David Swanson explains how mockery and derision directed at Donald Trump don't scare the Pentagon or NSA, and don't ...
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Despite gloomy clouds, The Saker is optimistic about 2017, and here’s why

This article was written by THE SAKER for the Unz Review ALSO AT THE SAKER.IS Risks and Opportunities for 2017 Just a few days into 2017 and we can already say with a great degree of confidence that 2017 will ...
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Norway moves to join NATO anti-missile shield targeting Russia

By Terje Maloy Dateline: 13 January 2017 Norway is intensifying its plans to join the US-NATO missile defence system and serve as a strategically located military outpost of NATO on Russia’s northwestern border. A joint analysis group from the Norwegian ...
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America’s Great National Psychodrama?

Wherein John Lewis shows his true colors of opportunism. DEENA STRYKER At four o’clock on Friday January 13th, watching the afternoon news shows out of the corner of one eye, I was thinking of writing a snide piece with the ...
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Alexander Dugin THIS ESSAY IS BEING REPOSTED AT READERS' REQUEST Wherein renowned Russian political scientist and activist Alexander Dugin explains his nation's rationale to fight the ISIS scourge unleashed by the West—anywhere it should raise its head. KATEHON GEOPOLITICS / ...
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The Real Threat Is ‘Telling The Truth’: Abby Martin Responds To Accusations Of Influencing Election 2016

‘What this report is really saying is that telling the truth, reporting on issues that affect Americans and their communities is the threat,’ Abby Martin said in response to accusations that her reporting influenced the U.S. election. By Kit O'Connell ...
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EXCLUSIVE Tell-All from behind Ukrainian Lines – Poroshenko’s Blood Money

Translated by Jafe Arnold (J. Arnoldski) - January 11, 2017 - Fort Russ Exclusive - Shared with The Greanville Post by fraternal links between Fort Russ and TGP. ABOVE IMAGE: UKRAINE'S WEST APPOINTED LEADER, POROSHENKO *** The following exclusive material ...
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FIRST PUBLISHED ON KATEHON, A FRATERNAL SITE GEOPOLITICS / NORTH AMERICA James George Jatras If I can say a few words, by the way, about the hostility towards Russia that one finds here in the United States and maybe in ...
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Still Mounting Pressure on Trump to Continue Dirty Business As Usual

Dispatches from STEPHEN LENDMAN Trump scares US dark forces, the same elements backing Hillary’s campaign. They fear his anti-establishment sounding rhetoric, uncertain what he’ll do in office - mainly what geopolitical agenda he’ll pursue. Will he be a warrior like ...
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