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Thousands protest throughout Russia

By Vladimir Volkov,  29 March 2017 Thousands of people participated in anticorruption protests in Russian cities on Sunday, March 26, leading to the arrest of over 1,000 people in Moscow and St. Petersburg and hundreds in other parts of ...
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Ideological Dilemmas of the Eurasian Alternative

Jafe Arnold (J. Arnoldski), Silk Route 2.0 FORT-RUSS.COM Only 25 years have passed since the liberal (and onetime neocon) ideologue Francis Fukuyama hailed the End of History, i.e., the irreversible triumph of liberal democracies, free market capitalism and the unipolar ...
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What America’s Coup Did in Ukraine

Dispatches from Eric Zuesse On March 23rd, Gallup headlined "South Sudan, Haiti and Ukraine Lead World in Suffering”, and the Ukrainian part of that can unquestionably be laid at the feet of U.S. President Barack Obama, who in February 2014 imposed upon ...
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Protests in Moscow and across Russia fail to shake the Kremlin

ALEXANDER MERCOURIS, THE DURAN Protests called by liberal opposition activist in Moscow and across Russia attract few supporters. Some sections of the international media including RT,  Russia’s publicly funded international TV broadcaster, are reporting today that Moscow and Russia has been hit ...
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The Duran’s eyewitness report from Moscow’s opposition protest (VIDEO)

VLADIMIR RODZIANKO, THE DURAN With hundreds of riot police present, thousands of people were scheduled to gather in central Moscow to protest - I wanted to see what was going on myself. Here's what I saw... Russian media had reported days before ...
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Deena Stryker: From Defense to Health, Russia is Different, and often superior, and in Russia profit does not drive the nation to endless war.

Dispatches from Deena Stryker US Versus Russian Defense Industries The reasons commonly invoked for the new cold war between the US and Russia center on Russian ‘behavior’ on the international stage: a ‘revanchist’ former empire, it ‘threatens’ the Baltics, ‘invaded’ ...
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Europe’s Leaders are Freer than Ours

Dispatches from Deena Stryker Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front Party, is visiting Moscow, dissing the US’s scenario for Europe. Many political observers have noted that the 20th century actually began with the Russian Revolution of 1917, ...
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Russia-Belarus Union in Crisis: Integration Paradoxes and Lukashenko’s Maidan

By Dr. Eduard Popov Foreword by J. Arnoldski In this original analysis, esteemed Russian analyst Dr. Eduard Popov, tackles the latest controversies in Russian-Belorussian relations. Half of this piece focuses mainly on the history of the Union State of Russia ...
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Russiagate and the Democratic Party are for Chumps

by PAUL STREET The orange-tinted freakshow that is Donald Trump should be removed from the White House and sent to some filthy, rat-infested dungeon with a sentence of Life Without Twitter. The same goes for the rest of his racist, ...
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The Wicked Witch Lives!

Dispatches from Deena Stryker As a young journalist whose father wrote foreign affairs analyses for the prestigious Times’ Week in Review, I was taught that I must never accept a favor from anyone I was writing about. Having used my ...
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The Collapse of Trust in the West and the Democrats (Insane) Bloodlust for a Nuclear War

Paul Craig Roberts Dateline: March 20, 2017 Just as President Putin has stated that governments and media in the West have destroyed Russia’s trust in the West, the governments and media in the West have destroyed the trust of their citizens, ...
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Dispatch from Beijing With Jeff J. Brown    China feels the same way, but has to be a little more subtle about it. A North Korean propaganda poster. Listen and/or read here: Editor's Note: As the US ruling class, this ...
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