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Countering Western Disinformation on Russia and Other Nations Opposing the American Empire


Historian Grover Furr responds to Trotskyist slanders

Grover Furr My Reply to Reviews of Two of my Books by Jean-Jacques Marie in Historical Materialism. In December, 2021, Historical Materialism (HM), a British journal, published reviews of two of my books by Jean-Jacques Marie. Marie is the most ...
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Russia now has the world’s best air defense shield. In a serious clash with US, Russia may survive to fight another day

ANDREI MARTYANOV—OK, first things first--"several tens of thousands"? Typo, but even if typo and only several thousand kilometers into space, it is mind-boggling still. Defies imagination, on the other hand with the range of 1000 kilometers against aerial targets and ...
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LUIS LAZARO TIJERINA—Although bitter adversaries, John McCain and Trump had one thing in common -- they both detested communism and any form of socialism, and they both were committed to giving arms to the Kiev junta in the Ukraine. Only two ...
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L. LAZARO TIJERINA—Where Gerasimov is correct in his prediction of contemporary modern warfare is that there is no peace, there is no war of demarcation in the traditional sense of terms of war and peace. One only has to look ...
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What If U.S., NATO Talks Are Cover for More Aggression Towards Russia?

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM—Russia’s strategic patience has worn out. Years of relentless encroachment by the United States and NATO on Russia’s territory has reached the point where Moscow has peremptorily declared red lines that must be respected. In short, no more eastward ...
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The Stalin question: Remarks on Interview of Professor Stephen Cohen on RT.COM on November 1, 2015

Brutal monster, tyrant and sadist or moderniser, victor and reformer - it's hard to find a more controversial figure in Russian history than Joseph Stalin. And while successive Russian leaders have approached his legacy differently, it remains as divisive today ...
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Exit Nord Stream 2, Enter Power of Siberia 2

PEPE ESCOBAR—Every sentient being from Atlanticist shores to Eurasian steppes by now knows the content of the Russian draft agreements on security guarantees presented to the Americans, as detailed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. Key provisions include no further ...
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Putin’s ‘Military-Technical’ Measures if Negotiations Fail

GILBERT DOCTOROW—As I have said previously, Putin’s entire approach is that Russia is in an arm-wrestling match with one country only, the USA. He knows that the USA does not really care if Russia and the EU blow one another ...
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Aviation History: Interview with World War II Soviet Ace Ivan Kozhedub

IVAN KOZHEDUB—In the 1930s, the Komsomol (Young Communist League) was a patron of aviation and, naturally enough, we were all crazy about flying. I remember well the words of my school teacher: ‘Choose the life of an outstanding man as ...
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Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s interview with Izvestia, December 13, 2021

There is only one red line we have marked jointly, which is very good. I am referring to the unacceptability of a nuclear war. By adopting the relevant statement issued by our leaders last June, Russia and the United States ...
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The Russian website GEOFOR interviews The Saker

THE SAKER—There is a certain specificity of American politics in this. Very often, American diplomats come to Moscow and say one thing, then when they come back, they are attacked by the media and Congress. Both the media and the ...
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Quick update on the Russian ultimatum

Putin discusses the horrible track record of the US empire, its criminality and cynicism, and says in so many words, politely but firmly, that this type of behaviour will no longer be allowed ...
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