Remembering Russia’s Black October


“THANKS TO Greg Butterfield for remembering Black October 1993 in Russia, when Yeltsin, backed by Bill Clinton’s Washington, crushed the resistance of the people against the Western-sponsored counter-revolution. To put the resistance of Black October in context, I add a very short list of the effects of “shock therapy”–the brutal “transition” overnight from a socialized, planned economy to a neo-liberal, market economy WITHOUT A PANG OF CONSCIENCE FOR THE HUMAN COST

The Clinton-Yeltsin Crimes, 1993-98: Russia and Soviet Union

2017–“The period from 1990 to 1995 in the newly independent post-Soviet states was marked by an estimated extra 7 million premature deaths, 4 million in Russia alone.”–THE LANCET: PUBLIC HEALTH. [oldest, most respected British medical journal]

1993, January–“Yeltsin represents the direction toward the kind of Russia we want.” –Clinton White House

The people took to the streets to defend sovietism against the Yeltsin coup.

And this is the kind of Russia Yeltsin produced:

By 1993 between 39% and 49% of the population was living in poverty. Life expectancy dropped for men from 64 (1990) to 57 years (1994), while women’s dropped from 74 to about 71. Alcohol-related deaths skyrocketed 60% in the 1990s. Deaths from infectious and parasitic diseases shot up 100%.

By 1996, 10% of the population owned 90% of the national income.

By 1998: Inflation reached 84%. Only 15 million people (out of 160) maintained or increased their welfare. The country’s population decreased by almost 2 million within 3 years”

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Greg Butterfield added 110 new photos to the album: Moscow Uprising & Black October 1993.

October 3-4, 1993: Moscow uprising against U.S./Yeltsin counter-revolution and Black October massacre
#Октябрь1993 #ЧерныйОктябрь

October 3-4 marks the anniversary of the heroic uprising against Boris Yeltsin’s imperialist-backed attack on the Supreme Soviet in Moscow. The uprising’s defeat represented the final overturn of socialist relations and the restoration of capitalism in the USSR.

Several years of counter-revolutionary developments within and without had seriously demoralized the Soviet working class. Generations of non-combative, revisionist leadership left the Soviet people unprepared to fight back to defend socialism.

Yet for several weeks in September 1993, as the crisis deepened, demonstrations had been growing in defense of the Supreme Soviet and for the restoration of the USSR in accord with the referendum of May 17, 1991, when 70 percent of Soviet voters supported the continuation of the union, which was later illegally dissolved by Yeltsin & co. in December 1991.

On the night of October 3-4, 1993, thousands of communist militants, workers and youths battled Yeltsin’s fascist OMON troops and other counter-revolutionary elements in the streets surrounding the “Russian White House” (seat of the Supreme Soviet). Hundreds of defenders were mowed down by automatic gunfire and the building was shelled by Yeltsin’s tanks in what has come to be known in Russia as “Black October.”

In scenes reminiscent of the 1973 fascist coup in Chile, an unknown number of defenders were later taken as prisoners to a Moscow stadium and shot. Afterward the stadium walls were riddled with bullet holes. Estimates of the dead and disappeared are in the thousands, though Yeltsin claimed only 151 people died.

In the aftermath, leaders of the resistance, including communist militant Victor Anpilov, elected Supreme Soviet deputies, and other Yeltsin opponents were imprisoned. Revolutionary organizations and newspapers were banned by “democrat” Yeltsin, with hardy approval from U.S. President Bill Clinton.

We will never forget the heroic martyrs of the October uprising. Presente!

Video: Voices from Russia in Defense of Socialism

“March of Labor Russia”
Anthem of the revolutionary organization Labor Russia – one of the songs used to rally Soviet workers in the streets of Moscow during the defense of the Supreme Soviet…/march-of-labor-…

“A first-hand account of Yeltsin’s 1993 October massacre”…/a-first-hand-ac…

“What really happened in Moscow, October 1993” by Bill Dores…/what-really-hap…

“Victor Anpilov Speaks: The Red Flag Will Fly Again,” based on interviews conducted by Bill Dores, Workers World Party, 1996
View or download the pamphlet in PDF format here:…/0B6_po_mv5TuaazgzODgzQm5UZ…/view…


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2 thoughts on “Remembering Russia’s Black October

  1. If only Americans could be bothered to know and consider such history in their understanding of the surreal “Russiagate” world of today. But who has time, what, with selfies to take, and posts to make on social media, and endless texts to shuffle through at each traffic light, all while waiting breathlessly for “Ironman-27,” “Fast & Furious-73” or some other superhero/action Hollywood nonsense to offer yet more mindless thumb-sucking distraction. We’re just too busy to care it would appear.

    Thanks for this great post and reminder that there is such a thing as actual physical “reality” that has meaning and importance and offers context for today.

  2. This is one of the best posts here yet. And the accompanying links are also excellent. I didn’t realize that what Yeltsin pulled off was not just naive but on the level of Pinochet in Chile.

    Nowadays, as gbossa points out, people don’t know. I have a lot of contact with 20 and 30 year olds living as an expat. One young woman, British but her family was from India, then moved to Kenya before settling in England. Really nice and intelligent, and yet she has not heard of Jeremy Corbin. A lot of younger people who should be engaged have been totally depoliticized, just focussing on their own lives and careers…..and meanwhile the world smolders and threatens to totally burn….

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