CNN again beating war drums over imaginary Russian aggression

Actually there is no need to imagine. It's happening already.

Egging him to war.

CNN’s account of this incident is bogus—from start to finish. Nonetheless, always at the service of the plutocracy and its agents (CIA, Pentagon, etc.) this filthy channel is not averse to promoting steadily worse relations with a nuclear superpower. Notice CNN is saying that “world leaders denounced Russia’s aggression…” whereas the opposite is true, at least in Germany, France and other capitals. They were merely recommending de-escalation, which is sensible and which Moscow certainly endorses.

This is what CNN does all the time, along with most of the US media: beat the war drums against the enemy du jour, usually Russia, but now as the list grows ever longer, Iran and of course China, the rising global power.

Trump is a disgrace, and few could argue the matter of peace and war is safe in his hands, given his well documented capricious, not to mention ignorant and narcissist ego, and his enormous contradictions resulting in sudden zig-zags in stated policy, but, curiously, he’s also the only major political figure in America that consistently—and to many perhaps inexplicably—pooh poohs and derails the Deep State’s constant push for imperial adventures and the drift to total war. The latter is what is normally described in the US National Security State peanut gallery as being a mature statesman, or “acting like a true President”.  These sudden outburts of peace are routinely denounced as treason or worse. Yet that is just about the ONLY good thing that anyone could say about Trump. If the Democrats and their numerous media and political shills were halfway honorable or sane, they would simply recognise that fact and exploit such opportunities. But as we see, far from buttressing and praising such tendencies, they deride them. Here’s an example of CNN’s Hearstian “journalism”, as usual based in a total inversion of truth. Count the lies.

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Will President Trump hold Russia accountable over Ukraine?

Published on Nov 26, 2018

President Donald Trump said he was “not happy at all” about a dangerous new crisis involving Russia and Ukraine. CNN’s Brian Todd reports there are high stakes on the high seas. #CNN #News

Reckless and insidious warmongering

Consider this quote from the original CNN article, a fine study in “massaged information”:

In the 24 hours after Russian ships opened fire on and seized three Ukrainian vessels near Crimea, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May, the foreign ministers of Germany, the UK and Canada, European members of the Security Council, including France, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK, as well as several US lawmakers expressed grave concern and called for a de-escalation.

During that time, the President and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remained silent on the serious escalation in tensions between the two countries. After Trump spoke to reporters, a day and a half after the confrontation, Pompeo released a statement expressing “deep concern,” condemning Russia and calling for restraint from “both parties.”
But it fell to Ambassador Nikki Haley to reprise her role as the administration’s leading and toughest voice on Russia, leaving analysts concerned that the White House silence and then Trump’s low-key response would be read as encouragement, if not acquiescence.

‘He can play Trump’

“If there’s not a strong Western response in terms of a statement, but also one that says there will be consequences unless Russia ceases and desists, the Russians may conclude they can get away with this,” said Steven Pifer, a William J. Perry fellow at Stanford University and expert on Russia, Europe and the former Soviet states.

“It’s striking that Washington was silent on this yesterday,” said Pifer, a former US ambassador to Ukraine. He added that Trump’s restraint does not position him well for the anticipated meeting with Putin.

“It just leaves Putin feeling he can play Trump, whereas a forthright statement might even earn a measure of respect from the Russians,” Pifer said. “I don’t think the Russians would respect what they’re seeing right now out of this administration,” he said, referring to the White House and State Department failure to comment promptly.


If you care to read the whole CNN report on this topic, click here.  

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