The end of kings—yea. About time! And the message of Sustainable Human.

Patrice Greanville

This inspiring (and spot on) video, The End of Kings, was produced by Sustainable Human (more about that below), with the collaboration of Caitlin Johnstone, and was embedded in her most recent essay, MSM Is Getting Weirder, More Frantic, And More Desperate By The Day. This production is timely in more ways than you can imagine.

You may have noticed the Western media, led by its Anglo-American column, have given a huge amount of good publicity to the British royals over the past few decades, a p.r. fest that has attained really extravagant dimensions with the arrival on the scene of Princess Diana’s  offspring, the charming “democratic princes,” both marrying beautiful commoners. These spectacles have whitwashed and given a boost to the toxic social effects of royalty and nobility in general, the UK in particular, and in any nation accursed by deep class divisions. The British press, as we could expect, playing to that part of the public still besotted with the idea of fairytale kings and queens, empire pomp and pageantry and what not, have a fair number of “Royal watchers”, a whole cottage sub-industry in fact, chronicling the comings and goings of such privileged figures, and, as we know, the virus long ago leapt across the Big Pond to infect America, a nation whose fierce bourgeois values and infantile mentality made it particularly vulnerable to the allure of such unhealthy fantasies.

The problem with kings and such exalted figures is not that they are technically anachronistic, and for very good reasons, it’s that they represent a standing defence of the past and its countless horrid traditions, including blind respect and deference to unexamined and almost always illegitimate authority. The call to get rid of kings once and for all issues from a simple fact: the past is now literally killing the future.  And youth, inevitably the most seriously afflicted, are beginning to pay attention.

Not surprising, then, that the people behind the Sustainable Human project are young. And, not surprising, again, that they are asking the public to start rethinking accepted dogmas and ways of visualizing natural and social reality, like, immediately. As of yesterday. Yes, this call to action should be given top priority in our lives. Why? Because our world, our planet, for eons suffering from what we might charitably call “congenital social dysfunction” and its evil twin, institutionalized tyranny, a setup which has made life miserable for countless generations and untold creatures, is falling apart all around us, pushed into its grave by the fruits of its very sociopathic and greedy dynamic.

But, guess what folks: at the 11th—no make that the 13th hour—something wonderful is at last stirring. A new, urgently needed, consciousness is finally emerging, we see its signs all over the place (despite the frantic efforts by the establishment’s apologists to render it invisible), a vision which aims to do away with the disgusting arrangements we have lived under for so long, and hopefully heal, at last, the relationship of humans with nature and with each other, whether as individuals, cities, states, nations, or species—a project impeded for millennia by the entrenched power of upper class dominance supported by the clever deployment of self-serving lies. What good ole Karl M. aptly called “ruling class ideology”.

In this enormously important effort lucid non-mainstream voices such as Caitlin Johnstone deserve gratitude and recognition, and so do the people who created Sustainable Human and their ilk. Pay them forward by reading, watching, and listening to what they have to say, and carry their message to others, many others, as far as you can muster. As Caty often says, it’s all about the narrative. Today’s upper class narrative —as always—is vile. The values it proclaims as “natural” and legitimate have punched a hole in our biosphere, entrenched and exploited divisions in the human family, triggered a massive species die-off, created abominable levels of inequality while proclaiming respect for democracy, and now shamelessly impel the world toward a nuclear Armageddon. Time for a reset. Time to tell the kings to get lost. This time for good.


Published on Sep 4, 2018 / Written by Caitlin Johnstone
Notes accompanying YouTube presentation. 

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In the old days, kings wore gold on their heads, and when you saw one you were expected to remove your hat and bow or you’d be tortured to death in the town square. Then along came the printing press and people got better at sharing ideas with each other, and pretty soon everyone started to connect the dots and realized that kings were just regular people with gold on their heads. Once everyone started agreeing that they didn’t much like being tortured to death in the town square for not groveling before some schmuck with a shiny hat, kings went out of style. But they didn’t go away. As long as there have been humans, there have been humans trying to dominate and control other humans. As societies became larger and more complex it went from trying to become the alpha human in the tribe to the alpha human of an entire country to the alpha human of an empire, but in each case the impulse to try and dominate as many other humans as possible was the same.

When kings went out of style, that impulse didn’t leave with them; it simply found a different way of manifesting. The new alpha dominators of the literate world couldn’t wear gold on their heads and couldn’t torture dissidents to death in the town square. The ones who rose to the top were the ones who figured out that they could still function as kings as long as they weren’t such egotistical cunts about it. They could no longer sit on thrones and make everyone grovel before them, but with a little bit of cleverness and a whole lot of money, they could have all the power of a king and more. All they had to do was keep the people from realizing they were being ruled.

It took them a while to get that last part down and there were a few false starts, like in France where everyone started grabbing them and slicing off their heads with French head slicing contraptions. The new breed of kings which emerged from the chaos and upheaval were ones which understood how to control everyone from behind the scenes without drawing much attention to themselves. They learned to give the people an official government to create the illusion of freedom and democracy, and they learned to use their money to dominate every important aspect of that government. They learned how to buy up media so they could control the stories the people tell themselves about what’s going on in their society, beginning with newspapers, then radio stations, then television and eventually online media as well. They learned to control the very economic infrastructure which determines how money works. They passed these secrets on to their heirs along with their vast fortunes in exactly the same way kings used to pass down their crowns.

Today’s kings rule not with brute force and claims of divine right, but with manipulation and with money. They rule from the shadows, never sticking their heads out into the light for fear they’ll start getting chopped off again. They weave happy stories into public consciousness of freedom and democracy while wielding far more military and economic might with far more control than the kings of old ever dreamed possible. They have used this power to turn humanity into a funnel which pours ever increasing amounts of wealth into their treasuries, and thus ever increasing amounts of power. The earth itself is being stripped bare to quench their insatiable lust for more and more control over more and more humans. But the weakness of the new kings is the same as the kings of old: information. We can share ideas and information and point out what the kings have been doing to us, what they are doing to our planet, what they are doing to our minds. We can point to their lies, point to their hiding places in the shadows. Because these new kings cannot torture us to death in the town square. All they have is lies and money, and we can see through lies and collectively change our minds about how money works. When we do that we can get rid of the new kings just like we got rid of the old kings, only this time we can choose to evolve beyond the urge to dominate and control and enslave. And then, our eyes freed from the lies and manipulation and delusion, we can all be kings. And we can heal our planet together, and we can place a crown upon its head, and a new humanity can be born. A humanity that works in collaboration with itself and with its ecosystem. A harmonious humanity. A natural humanity. And that would be truly wonderful. Help us caption & translate this video!

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What Kind Of Thinking Is Causing Our Own Extinction?
Modern civilization is based on a kind of thinking that believes that human beings are separate from Nature. This story, which is reinforced through religion, economics, and science says that Nature is basically dead matter with no inherent purpose of its own which allows us to do whatever we wish to it without remorse. Because we don’t see ourselves as part of Nature, we think that any harm we cause to it won’t affect us. We treat Nature as a limitless supply of raw materials to fuel our economy with a limitless capacity to absorb our waste as we aim to keep growing the economy indefinitely. This story of separation is not new. It has been with us since the birth of agriculture some 10,000 years ago. It’s only been in the last century that our impact has gotten to large for the planet to absorb. From this story of separation, anything that inhibits growth of the crop (or the economy today) is bad or evil and must be overcome. In this narrative, environmentalists become progress or growth inhibitors. All of this stems from this fundamental belief that humanity is separate from Nature.

What Kind Of Thinking Is Necessary To Prevent Our Extinction?
We need to shift this underlying story to one that is based on the truth that humanity has always been and will always be part of Nature. We are dependent on the sun to provide energy to grow food. We are dependent on the air to live which is created for us (for free) by tiny little organisms in the ocean. We are an integral part of this community of life with the ability to observe and replicate healthy patterns that help life in all of its diversity to thrive. When we realize that Nature is also part of us, we will easily see that when we destroy it, we also destroy ourselves. Ecocide is just as illogical as suicide because they are one in the same. When we live from a story in which humans are part of Nature, we will become not only sustainable but regenerative. Because our current stories tell us the opposite, many people living today do not understand this simple truth that all life is interconnected.

How Can We Change The Way We Think?
This really is the most important question. Past conquerors have used the method of “believe my story or die” but I don’t think that will work too well with modern humans. We kind of like our freedom to choose. Often, we will even rebel against ideas that are good for us if we receive them by force. The only way to change the way we think is for us to individually and voluntarily choose to think in a different way. Think back in your own life at a time when you changed the way you thought about something. Usually, we have some kind of experience that our old way of thinking can’t explain. A new way of thinking was required to understand what happened to us. Our global story changes when enough individuals can no longer accept that story and begin living from another one.

In many respects, the story of separation is crumbling all around us. The more the economy grows, the more isolated and lonely we become, and the harder it becomes to participate. The story loosens its grip over us and we become open to alternatives that are better able to help us meet our needs. Humans are social beings. We need to feel like we belong, like we matter, and we need to feel loved. This is a core human need. When these needs aren’t met, we will engage in really weird and potentially destructive behaviors to try to meet them. The new stories we tell need to be grounded in the values of empathy, compassion, cooperation, and love so that people can meet these core human needs without being conned into buying some new fancy product or service.

Patrice Greanville is TGP’s editor in chief.

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  1. Some say the (robber) barons, ie oligarchs have often been the real opressors.
    Webster Tarpley makes the case that the Magna Carta was a license for the oligarchs to perform private war and Tarpley points out that 61th entry in the Carta is often left out by historians to hide the dark truth about the Carta.
    Today there is no lack of robber barons.

  2. True, but the US, such a fine colony for delinquent British attitudes if not direct subservience any longer, has its own nobility and kingship in the hollow-headed film actors in Hollywood, whose derring-does are reported all over the place with lurid color images as if their lives are meaningful. As long as dumb hero worship exists, one will find that kind of aberration.

  3. Watching the video one is reminded “why” the Counterpunch boys are so threatened by Caitlin Johnstone’s work. While the CP boys provide endless variations of psychic pablum amounting to essentially a fake “leftist” critique – Caitlin preaches revolution!

    The link below to a recent OffGuardian post is an excellent analysis of how the Nobel Peace Prize is used to “control the narrative.” Well worth reposting here.

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