Leading US House Democrat demands that Ecuador’s president “hand over” Julian Assange

MIKE HEAD—Last Friday, under the guise of partially restoring Assange’s right to access the internet and receive visitors, Moreno’s government sought to impose a new “special protocol” that provides a pretext for terminating the asylum that the previous Ecuadorian government of Rafael Correa granted him in 2012. Anyone seeking to visit Assange would have to give the Ecuadorian embassy three days’ notice and wait for written authorisation by the head of the embassy, which could be arbitrarily refused or cancelled without any reason being given. Visitors would have to provide the Ecuadorian authorities with full ID details and either hand over or clear all mobile phones and other communications devices.


Stephen Colbert Goes Easy On Les Moonves For Sexual Harassment

P. GREANVILLE—Stephen Colbert and the recently dethroned Les Moonves typify the hypocrisy of hardcore centrist liberals. These are the folks that talk incessantly of morality, doing the right thing, are wedded to identity politics and racialism, but when push comes to shove, money and power always talk louder. Colbert made his reputation as a smirking, insolent subsidiary of Jon Stewart, cultivating the image of a rebel, speaking truth to power, yada yada. Later, as inheritor to the uber profitable Late Night Show franchise once presided by Johnny Carson, the man instantly became an apologetic CIA-asskissing, Democrat Russiagater and fervent neoliberal.


Prelude to World War III

ERIC ZUESSE—If this peaceful path to ending the prelude to WW III — to avoiding the jump off a nuclear cliff — succeeds, then the world will be able to continue debating who was right and who was wrong in all of this. But, otherwise, that debate will simply be terminated by the war itself, and everyone will end up losing.