Ramin Mazaheri reports on the Yellow Vests—a very personal account

RAMIN MAZAHERI—Paris-based, Ramin Mazaheri has been given a front-row seat—or say, standing room—to watch the rise and rise of the Gilets Jaunes, and the tactics being developed by the French police to quell the movement. This not only includes a battery of increasingly dirty pool tactics on the streets, where the Gilets are beginning to respond in kind, but also a judicial noose that is quickly disosing of many civil rights French people thought they had. Here’s a report from Ramin.


Anti-Semitism Pandemic!

CJ HOPKINS—Emergency measures are now in effect. A full-scale Labour Party lockdown is imminent. Anyone not already infected is being advised to flee the party, denounce anyone who hasn’t done so as “a Hitler-loving Corbyn-sympathizer,” and prophylactically apologize for any critical statements they might have made about Israel, or “elites,” or “global capitalism,” or “bankers,” or anything else that anyone can construe as anti-Semitism (preferably in the pages of The Guardian).


Love Letter to Heroes From the Village of the Dark Spring

JOHN R. HALL—In the depths of despair during the deaths of loved ones, I abandoned my own true hero’s journey, ceased writing, discontinued paying any attention to the crimes of Empire, the deep state, the military/industrial complex, and all the usual suspects, turning my back on the very issues I cared about most deeply.  In retrospect this may have been my second inexcusable regret and mistake.  The decision didn’t even give me any peace of mind, didn’t stop the anger and rage, didn’t ease the pain of knowing that the crimes against humanity and the assault of Pachamama continued unabated and with growing acceleration.