The Yellow Vests in their own words——”It’s not a demonstration, it’s an uprising!”

PATRICE GREANVILLE—The people of France are simply fed up with the status quo prescribed by neoliberalism and its tentacles in every sector of society—media, politics, and certainly the economy. Here they express their pent-up anger in cogent and impassioned words. It’s worth noting their circumstances apply now to most countries in the so-called developed world, not to mention the uber-exploited third world.


Sully at George H.W. Bush’s funeral: Washington goes to the dogs

ERIC LONDON—The political establishment is using the Bush funeral media hype to serve a broader political purpose. As with the funeral of John McCain in August, the official canonization of leading political figures is not primarily to humanize the deceased themselves, but to legitimize the state, its institutions and the authority of the ruling class. Like coronation ceremonies and royal weddings in a monarchy, the official mourning periods are intended to poison the atmosphere with nationalism and paper over social tensions arising from gaping levels of social inequality with phony calls for “unity.”