France’s ‘Holy Secular Empire’ slurs Yellow Vests as anti-Semitic, bans anti-Zionism

RAMIN MAZAHERI—”The slur campaign went into overdrive when the atrociously right-wing and pro-Zionist writer Alain Finkielkraut was filmed at the Yellow Vest demonstration on February 16th being insulted (being correctly labelled) with the phrase “dirty Zionist”. Finkielkraut is a former leftist who renounced his leftist ideals for reactionary ones, and such sellouts – those who can perhaps best critique the left because they understood it at one time – are always adored by the 1% and the Mainstream Media….”

John Bolton

On Bolton’s Orders, US Ambassadors Chastise Governments

WAYNE MADSEN—Currently, as National Security Adviser, Bolton works in tandem with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whose 2010 congressional campaign in Kansas distributed racist commentary referring to his Democratic opponent, Raj Goyle – an Indian-American – as a “turban topper” and President Barack Obama as an “evil Muslim communist.” As one might expect, the dastardly duo of Bolton and Pompeo at the helm of US foreign policy has sparked diplomatic chaos between Washington and other nations.


MUST WATCH VIDEO: Peter Joseph’s Culture in Decline—The Entire Series!

PETER JOSEPHS—How about our economic system, the bedrock of what defines our society, not to mention our dominant motivations? How would we explain the reality that, rather than organizing ourselves efficiently as a single system to properly manage this household we share, we childishly divide and compete and exploit each other through an archaic, completely environmentally decoupled game. A game, by the way, which not only appears to perpetuate a vast spectrum of social atrocities, but now seems to be further destabilizing society, decreasing our public health.