Democrats in the Dead Zone

• The first sensible thing Emmanuel Macron has said: “Assad is no enemy of France.” Pr0-Assad observers correctly point out that Macron also said that he believes Assad is the “enemy of the Syrian” people and therefore has left the doorREAD ON

The Putin Interviews—Oliver Stone’s Greatest Contribution (Videos)

In four hours extracted from encounters spanning two years (2015—2017), Putin emerges as an articulate, intelligent, eloquent and highly knowledgeable person. Informal and unassuming to a fault, he mixes freely with people, plays hockey, practices judo, does his morning exercisesREAD ON

The crisis in Qatar: yet another clumsy attempt by the Three Rogue States to weaken Iran (UPDATED)

APPENDIX 1—Noteworthy WHY Saudi Arabia Is Our Friend And Iran Is Our Enemy (explained by Jimmy Dore) Observe closely the convolutions by a White House press hack as he tries to explain the indefensible, the abject, corrupt (and criminal) USREAD ON

All Islamic Terrorism Is Perpetrated by Fundamentalist Sunnis, Except Terrorism Against Israel

MAIN COVER IMAGE: The Saudi royals and their entourage. A force for backwardness and evil in the world.  Though U.S. President Donald Trump blames Shias, such as the leaders of Iran and of Syria, for what he calls “radical IslamicREAD ON

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE: Debunking Russiagate, Part 1

And as bad as the DNC Leaks were, the later leak drops were far more incriminating. From Donna Brazile serving as a mole against the Sanders campaign and passing multiple debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton, to an emailREAD ON

Trump and the Paris Accord: Who’s to Blame for the Climate Change Crisis?

Not only did Obama refuse to prioritize CO2 emission cuts during much of his presidency, he encouraged the expansion of fossil fuel consumption. U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have grown significantly over the last few years following the 2008 economic crash.READ ON

Clinton Democrats Are Literally Neocons

Did you know that neoconservatism originated in the Democratic party? And did you further know that one of the foremost positions of these early neoconservatives was to push for a harder, anti-détente foreign policy toward the USSR? These people used toREAD ON