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Trump’s nuclear war threat against North Korea

War abroad has been accompanied by ever widening social inequality and ceaseless attacks on the living conditions and basic rights of the working class at home. Social opposition is growing under conditions where Trump is the most unpopular president inREAD ON

The End of the CIA’s Dirty War in Syria

Editor’s Note: John Wight is a forceful and insightful writer we are always happy to republish for the TGP audience. On this essay, we differ (slightly) on a couple of points which we think bear mentioning, and which we believeREAD ON

NATO’s Militarization of Scandinavia: Time to Ring the Alarm Bells

Last year, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the current President of Germany who was Foreign Minister at the time, slammed NATO for «saber-rattling and war cries» and provocative military activities in the proximity of Russia’s borders. He called for an arms control deal between the West andREAD ON

Leaked email: CIA wants to end Russophobia campaign in favor of Iran war (<<== Fake news!)

However, I can confirm that US Secretary of State John Kerry did accidentally admit in Paris that he was trying to “implode Iran”.  He says it right here in my 2013 Press TV report at the 0:58 mark. What is amazingREAD ON