Trump revokes security clearance for former CIA chief Brennan: Ruling class warfare intensifies

PATRICK MARTIN—The New York Times, the main media mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, immediately opened its editorial pages to Brennan to respond to Trump’s action. In a comment published Thursday, Brennan focused entirely on promoting the myth of Russian intervention in the US elections, denouncing Russian denials as “hogwash,” and portraying Trump as a conscious and witting collaborator with “our primary global adversary”—in other words, a traitor.


No Attack on Iran, Yet

ANDRE LEVINE—For the new generation of Saudi leaders, the MBS generation, merely being obscenely rich is not enough; they want to be obscenely rich in a regional hegemon, a country that uses its oil money to become a major player on the world stage. Too bad for them therefore that the region they want to dominate isn’t big enough for two hegemonic states, their own and the Iranians’. Iran is therefore their mortal enemy, as much or more than it is Israel’s. This spells double trouble because, like Israel, they have the means to press Trump’s buttons, to get him to act out. The battle lines are therefore drawn. The only thing now keeping catastrophe at bay are Trump’s conman instincts, his determination to keep the folks he has hoodwinked on board by giving them, or seeming to give them, what they think they want, and not forcing on them what they neither want nor need. They don’t want a war with Iran, not now and not in any likely future, and there is nothing they need less.


The UK’s Labour Party and Its “Anti-Semitism” Crisis

KENNETH SURIN—Corbyn, under siege from the media and Jewish groups (who say, with risible hyperbole, that he poses an “existential threat” to British Jews), has apologized for not doing enough to root out antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Corbyn’s apology was unnecessary. Not just because it was not merited by the real circumstances underlying this manufactured “crisis”, but also because every step he takes now is dismissed as “meaningless” and “too little, too late” by his opportunistic opponents.