Empire’s Currency: The Lie


[The] Empire’s currency is the Lie, which is why the Truth sounds bizarre to all but the well-informed. 

Largely unelected policymakers make the decisions in the West’s non-democracies, while fabricated narratives are amplified by politicians and colonial media.  

The transnational ruling class of oligarchs propagate diseconomies, dystopia, permanent war and terrorism.

Whereas Canada, for example, supports ISIS, al Qaeda, neo-Nazis[1], and criminal wars of aggression, most Canadians have been programmed to think that Canada is progressive. The Lie transcends and obliterates simple truths. Some Canadians and Americans would be horrified if they were confronted with the Truth. 

Consider, for example, ISIS. Whereas ISIS is thought to be the enemy, NATO policymakers have actually created what ISIS terrorists now call an “Islamic State” east of the Euphrates. This oil-rich “Islamic State”[2] has been on the NATO drawing boards for years. The blueprint takes the form of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document 14-L-0552.[3]

Some of the more salient points, as reported by Brad Hoff, are as follows:

  • Al-Qaeda drives the opposition in Syria
  • The West identifies with the opposition
  • The establishment of a “Salafist Principality” in Eastern Syria is “exactly” what the external powers supporting the opposition want (identified as “the West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey”) in order to weaken the Assad government

More graphically, the Western/ISIS created “Islamic State” looks like this.

NATO policymakers must be exuberant.

But this is only a partial success story.  NATO’s destruction of Libya[4] was an unblemished success story. Libya’s debt-free economy was destroyed and plundered, and now it will be beholden to International Financial Institutions and IMF (neoliberal) “economic medicine” which will privatize, enslave and further impoverish the country.  Big Finance, a hidden driver behind imperialism and NATO invasions, will profit immensely from Libya’s destruction.  

Globalized war and poverty is what the ruling classes have in store for all of us, beneath veils of lies. 



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3. Brad Hoff, “2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State ‘in order to isolate the Syrian regime.’ “ Levant Report. 19 May, 2015. (https://levantreport.com/2015/05/19/2012-defense-intelligence-agency-document-west-will-facilitate-rise-of-islamic-state-in-order-to-isolate-the-syrian-regime/) Accessed 16 November, 2018.

 4. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, “Destroying a Country’s Standard of Living: What Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed.” Global Research. 14 November, 2018, 20 September 2011. (https://www.globalresearch.ca/destroying-a-country-s-standard-of-living-what-libya-had-achieved-what-has-been-destroyed/26686) Accessed 16 November, 2018.

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2 thoughts on “Empire’s Currency: The Lie

  1. Are we preaching to the choir here ? It is always nice to read one’s perceptions of realities affirmed, and the evil inherent righteously condemned. What we need more of is : what to do about it ? Perhaps this is all we can do, to disseminate information, to get the word around. It seems, in many ways, that the masses are in general catching on to the game, how they are being played but rebellion is incoherent now trending toward reactionary fascism which is ultimately self defeating and just reinforcing the status quo. Somehow increased general knowledge of the Reality must be given positive forms of more effective rebellion. Of course the nightmare counter to that is the entrenched interests which currently hold most of the cards and $$, and will murder and Lie to maintain their advantages.

    1. That remains the biggest stumbling and stifling block: the power of the ruling class to control the main narrative. There’s an incipient rebelion, that’s clear, but as you point, given the confusion and incoherence sown by the powers that be it’s going fascistic, which is like shooting yourself in the head.

      No one has yet figured an effective strategy to neutralise this infernal media machine, especially since we have so little time left. And the presence of the faux liberals, what our contributing editor John Rachel aptly calls, the fetid HYPERCRISY.

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