“Maidan” in France, or a national uprising? Ollie Richardson’s compleat guide to the Gilets Jaunes


By Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog

Before diving into the topic of this article I would like to pay a special tribute to the late William Blum. For those who are unaware why, he passed away on December 9th at the age of 85 due to illness. For those who don’t really know who he is, I recommended reading his books – especially “Killing Hope”. It is an encyclopaedia of CIA aggression against humankind. The importance of Blum’s work has an infinite character and serves as an example for us all to follow.

The events in France have captured the attention of the world. Here’s a front page story on an Indonesian newspaper.
Now onto the core of the matter: the riots in France. I will not go into the chronology of events because it is updated every day and would only involve lots of tweet and video embeds with some personal comments in between (I already wrote something along those lines, see Appendix to this article). What I will discuss, however, is the different reactions to the riots as seen on the Internet. Although before doing this I want to put forward one disclaimer: even though terms like “globalism” and “elite” don’t really do justice as to how complex geopolitics/international relations is, for the sake of expediency I am obliged to use them. I think that readers will be steered in the right direction nevertheless.

Some background

Since the September 11th false flag attacks social media has become the main driving force behind socio-economic shifts. And things are no different in France today. The “Gilets Jaunes” (Yellow Vests) and the liberal bourgeois opposing “violence” have been coming to blows on both Twitter and Facebook. The mainstream French TV news channels (BFM TV, LCI, France Info, France 24, Euronews, Cnews, etc) are tasked with connecting specific dots and presenting the viewer with an outline (narrative). Of course, the layperson generally accepts the output of the MSM as “God’s truth”, because it is “simply impossible that they would lie like that – journalists are trustworthy”. It goes without saying that absolutely no TV channel is “objective”, since there is always a financial backer, and such a concept as “objectivity” doesn’t “exist” anyway, since wars generally are the product of disagreements (the UN Charter seemingly isn’t enough to bring even regional peace, let alone global peace). Even if God is cited as a reference point, history has shown that it doesn’t prevent conflicts from happening (please refer to what the Vatican is now doing in Ukraine). Science also produces conflicts of paradigms – climate change being a good example. It’s as if war is simply what humans do – a fight for survival. Even the most “pacific” person has buttons that can be pressed. In fact, such CIA programs as MK Ultra and Camp Bucca aimed to find such buttons. But, on the other hand, most humans can agree that dropping bombs on children is wrong, so we can’t really say that hope has been completely killed…

Anyway, according to French mainstream media there are 3 main categories of persons involved in the disorder: peaceful “Gilets Jaunes” protestors, “ultra-left”/“extreme-right”, and “les casseurs” (those who just smash things up). Without wanting to submerge the article too much in the propaganda produced by Macron’s team, let’s just say that those who wear a yellow vest and chant “Macron demission” (Macron resign), occasionally returning a tear gas canister back to the sender (Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité), are the most true to the cause (deporting globalism from France), and the rest who wear balaclavas and/or hold “antifa” posters are pro-system – i.e., liberals. Yes, the concept of “titushki” exists in the West too. The problem is that there sincerely are those who are p*ssed off with the state and society around them, and thus will happily smash things up in order to get “revenge”, at the same time having no interest in politics essentially because they, seemingly, need a university diploma to do so. On the other hand, there are those who were sent by Macron to infiltrate the “Gilets Jaunes” and discredit them. So the group “les casseurs” isn’t a simple concept.

Similarly, the establishment-created “ultra-left”/“extreme-right” paradigm also isn’t simple to summarise. The main essence of this model is to steer the political discourse towards the so-called center – globalism/EU dictatorship – and away from “wild” ideas like a humane standard of living.

There are “anarchists”, “feminists”, “communists”, “socialists”, “anti-fascists”, “white supremacists”, etc. All of these terms essentially describe the same thing – liberals who create social strife. Even the Communist Party in France is “Communist” only by name. In fact, this has become a worldwide trend, where intelligence agencies have successfully undermined “Communist” movements and turned them into a way of grabbing from the poor and giving to the very poor, whilst the rich, super rich, and hidden elites remain untouched. This describes Pavel Grudinin and Gennady Zyuganov in Russia very well, although in this example they have become fully-fledged fifth column, demanding Putin’s removal because he doesn’t drop a nuke on Kiev or reduce taxes.

They look like little bees congealing around l’Arc de Triomphe, and then they break into la Marseillaise

In France this description applies to Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who resemble Bernie Sanders (another pseudo-socialist clown) more and more with each passing day. Long story short – they are liberal gatekeepers, who, either consciously or through stupidity, want to preserve the existing “pimps up, hoes down” system, since they see that the feeding trough (replenished with taxes) is up for grabs. Nevertheless, in the meantime Jean-Luc Mélenchon is riding the wave of “Gilets Jaunes” and publically shows himself as their undeclared leader, even though the yellow vests themselves are decentralised and only have local (one for every region or sub-region) leaders (one example – Tristan Lozach).

The truth is that the French establishment is desperately trying to keep the sheep in the pen. The MSM – owned by rich elites (it must be said that many are Zionists, like Patrick Drahi) – create these special categories to keep society divided and to pit people against each other. The “feminist” is set against the “anarchist”, the “ultra-left” is set against the “extreme-right”, Bernard Henri-Levy supporters are set against Dieudonné supporters, etc. The aim is to create a perpetual paradox that keeps the working man and woman shackled to the credit boulder and punished when they try to jar free (the use of the trope “anti-Semitism” is the main weapon here).

Whilst we can try to outline the general socio-economic system in France, the fact is that the system isn’t French at all. In reality, it stopped being French in November 1st 1993, when the European Union was founded. Since this moment a toxic hologram has being floating above the entire European continent, injecting into the populace’s grey matter the notion that the EU is some supra-nation, like an Aryan race, where people are chained to each other via “tolerance”. Distinguishing borders – both proverbial and physical – were blurred, cultures became a culture (sorry, “multiculturalism”). Actually, the very notion of “tolerance” implies a pest that must be tolerated. This is a rather pessimistic concept, no? And of course, the more presstitutes blab about “democracy”, “unity”, “equality”, etc the more it proves that the reality consists of the exact opposite – dictatorship, fragmentation, inequality. Which description corresponds to what we are seeing in the Western world most accurately?

However, no one seems to be able to describe what being “European” is. All explanations seem to revolve around one thing – money. One currency, one market, one package of fiscal regulation. It is similar to how a “British” person is unable to describe what being “British” means. The Beatles? Fish and Chips? Rain? Well for a Scot the Beatles are English, not Scottish. Fish and Chips, by all accounts, was the invention of a Jewish immigrant (or at least Wikipedia claims so). And rain – well, this is hardly an exclusivity. It follows from this blurring of the lines that we are supposed to forget how the English invaded territories, enslaved the natives, and then annexed lands. We are supposed to forget how the US ran to Omaha beach and occupied half of Berlin, preventing the “red plague” from spreading further. We are supposed to forget how American nuclear missiles were placed on the European continent and aimed at “evil Russia”, courtesy of the “NATO” simulacrum project (NATO has “borders” apparently).

Without wanting to get carried away with describing how carcinogenic the “EU” is, which is a topic that deserves a separate article (or multiple articles), I advise everyone who wants to know what it TRULY represents to observe what is happening in Ukraine now. And I don’t mean Donbass. I mean in Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kherson, Kharkov, Cherkassy, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, etc. Across the whole country. In every single region of Ukraine the western “civilised” world (Poroshenko refers to them as “international partners”) is forcibly erasing the Soviet legacy – or at least the tangible remnants of it – and replacing it with the EU model:

  • Free and qualitative education in multiple native languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, etc) = gone. In Kiev a new pilot test is being carried out, whereby pupils must pay for their own primary education (for pens, paper, etc). This will lead to the roll out of nationwide paid-for education. The curriculum itself is almost exclusively based on promoting the “Russian aggression” fairytale.
  • Qualitative medicine based on Soviet/Russian research = gone. Now EU/American BigPharma is popping up across the country and primitive diseases that were eliminated in the USSR, such as measles, are now at the stage of a national epidemic. High quality and cheap healthcare = gone. Ukraine is transitioning to the American model of healthcare – the kind where an ambulance won’t come to you if you are poor, and where you have to travel for miles to see the family doctor because the village clinics were shutdown.
  • State-owned companies and assets are being massively sold to the highest (although the sale price is normally a fraction of its true value) bidder from either Poroshenko’s or his Western backers’ environment.
  • The actual cost of living – utility bills and food – grows exponentially to such an extent that pensioners and even teenagers prefer to jump out of the window than live another day in misery.

And the list can go on and on. In other words, despite the EU explicitly stating more than once that Ukraine will not be joining the bloc anytime soon, the process of westernising the country’s infrastructure continues unabated. And the situation concerning NATO membership is the same – Ukraine will not join the alliance in our lifetime, regardless of the PR coming from Bankova Street. Please read this and this article to gain an insight into what the EU is really doing in Ukraine. Long story short: Ukraine becomes more and more like France, which in turn becomes more and more like Greece.

Reactions to events in France

As I mentioned earlier, social media has become the main driving force behind the current explosive events in France, and the print media simply creates narratives by aggregating from different trends and popular comments and then wraps them accordingly. Indeed, “journalism” today is actually an aggregation competition. Anyway, the reactions to the unrest in France can be divided into 3 categories:

“Pro-Russia” Western segment

This category bases its position vis-a-vis this or that socio-economic issue on what the so-called “alternative media” is saying. Most people in this category also read RT and Sputnik and have either simply lost trust in the mainstream media or their views are in one way or another dissonant with the mainstream discourse. They have some notions of what living in Europe (American occupation) is like and understand that life in the West is starting to look a lot like a plantation, where the field negro is subordinated to a house negro, who in turn is subordinated to a Lord. Thus, this category knows that Macron works for the Rothschilds and is the same “merde” as Theresa May and Angela Merkel, and they know that the “Gilets Jaunes” are simply fighting against globalism.

Liberal zombie Western segment

One key example of why this category is different from the “pro-Russia” one is the topic of migration. The average liberal who screams about Sentsov or “gay gulags” in Chechnya veils their own racism (inherited at the genetic level from their colonising ancestors) by pretending to be sympathetic with ethnic minorities, as if they are inferior and need help from the superior race. They also shed crocodile tears for the “children gassed by Assad”, but don’t want to talk about Sykes-Picot or the nuclear bombings in Japan. They are always a “victim” of something and need social strife in order to reduce everyone to their level so they don’t feel as insecure. For this category the riots in Paris are funded by Putin and are a threat to “democracy”. They are oblivious to the fact that the government has a list of terrorists – called “Fiche S” – but does nothing to keep them in jail or deport them if they don’t have French citizenship, whilst at the same time thousands of peaceful “Gilets Jaunes” are detained across the country for defending their constitutional rights. Russia doesn’t need to interfere in France; France will lie in the bed it made for itself when it pillaged the Middle East. Unfortunately for the French, the Syrian boomerang did a U-turn rather quickly.

Russian segment

Those who live in Russia and generally don’t have much of an idea of what life in the EU is like think that what is happening in France is “Maidan”, which is probably funded by Trump because “Macron wants to create a EU army”. They see scenes in Paris that are similar to scenes from Kiev in 2014 – pianos being played in front of riot police, things on fire, paving stones being thrown around, a large gathering of people on the Champs d’Elysee, etc. I.e., they rely on visual cues and are unable to detach themselves from what happened, and is happening, in Ukraine enough in order to see the wider picture. This isn’t their fault, of course, because we cannot be omnipresent. But we can do our own primary research and form conclusions by triangulation. Whilst its true that colour revolutions entail external influence, what is happening in France is not a colour revolution.


Firstly, France is the most taxed country in Europe. The increasing cost of living has resulted in over 120 million people being served by food banks in recent years. 50% of wages go to the state. Anyone who has the chance can come to France and see the financial facts for themselves. And whilst it might be said that America hijacked existing discontent in society (like the “electric Yerevan” protests in Armenia), this statement will be addressed shortly.

Secondly, because Russia has run circles around the US military-industrial complex and its attached foreign lobbies, placed the S-400 in Syria, and annulled project Bandera in Ukraine courtesy of two well-designed cauldrons (Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk) – all without violating international law or any treaties, America now wants to tear up the INF treaty and bring mid-range missiles back into the mix in an attempt to exit the geopolitical impasse it finds itself in. Of course, this move will invoke Moscow (and China) to make reciprocal steps, so in reality it is a zero-sum manoeuvre. But in this scenario the EU becomes a sacrificial lamb. Whilst Germany (where Trump’s roots are, incidentally) is aware that it needs Nord-Stream 2 in order to fend off Trump’s attempts to cripple German business, it is also aware that the situation can develop in such a way where Germany will be obliged to actively oppose America and go along the imperialistic route. I.e., the doggy completely breaks free from the chain.

Bernard Henri-Levy: BHL, the excremental French fake intellectual adored by the capitalist media. Here enjoying the pleasures of fame and money with his wife., Arielle Dombasle. One more proof there is no God.

Thirdly and lastly, Bernard Henri-Levy (“BHL”) says that the “Gilets Jaunes” are bad, so it means that they are in reality good and have the interests of the people at heart (sometimes things can be this simple).

In summary, Trump gains nothing by staging “Maidan” in France because empowering the working French people won’t bring France back to heel at all – it will do the exact opposite and reverse the results of the past 70+ years. Unless, of course, Trump is some revolutionary genius and has a plan to crush globalism and the CIA (which, based on what America is doing in other parts of the world, I very much doubt).


As we watch on a TV screen or witness with our own eyes how the police attack their own people and defend the “1%”, we may often see article writers or commenters ask the question “where are we going, what comes next?”. Apparently we are running around like headless chickens whilst a big war – sometimes referred to as “World War III” – is on the horizon. Some websites will tell you that “WW3” will come tomorrow at 5pm, and then 24 hours later will tell you that it is in fact tomorrow, but at 9am. Then after another 24 hours has passed they will say that it’s actually tomorrow at 00:01. But if to approach this question seriously, we must first of all understand that the planet was rotating before we were born, and it will most likely continue to rotate after we are gone. I.e., our lives represent on average 80 orbits around the sun. Secondly, we must acknowledge that the cliché “Rome wasn’t built in a day” does have some truth to it. Actually, it factually wasn’t built in a day, in the same way that Lenin’s and then Stalin’s USSR wasn’t built in one day. Both examples involved a level of self-sacrifice that seems unimaginable in today’s “me first” Instagram reality. 27+ million Soviet people sacrificed themselves so that the Soviet Union stood a chance of existing after June 1941. They didn’t have the time to naval gaze or to even permit themselves to indulge in masochistic Hollywood scenarios of a nuclear apocalypse. They took a uniform position in relation to any challenge; regardless of how large or small it may have seemed. They just put their head down and worked – for the nation; народ.

We want change, but we don’t yet know what it is that we want to build. Or do we?

When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state


Who Are the “Gilets Jaunes”?
By Ollie Richardson
On the topic of the “Gilets Jaunes” protests in France (and outside France)…

During the month of December (2018) in France there has been fear in the air. Both in the streets and on the TV. The government tried to appease the populace by cancelling the fuel tax hike, but sadly (for them) it wasn’t enough. People learnt that they could have avoided all the prices increases of the past year if they had protested. So now there is a feeling of insult to injury. The truth is that there have been little signals throughout the year that major things would eventually happen.

Farmers were tipping manure and hay in the streets of Paris in protest at the low profits being made in the milk industry and the poor crop yields due to dry weather. This is a symptom of the same illness – the EU cancer. At one point there were no milk products in supermarkets.

The price of food has increased and increased and increased throughout the year. Now people have stopped to nervously laugh at it, and instead have expressed their rage. Fruits are imported from Spain and drenched in pesticides. French produce costs sometimes twofold more. If only this was about food… The cost of rent and utilities has also increased and increased. Then there is the different types of taxes, which apply additional pressure to the oesophagus. One can work 12 hours a day, rake in €500 a week, and still be penniless. It’s no coincide that France was just declared the most taxed country in 2017.

Then there are little globalist low blows. Native taxi drivers, for example, were pushed out by Uber and VTC, who don’t have to pay for special licenses and in general have fewer restrictions. Over time more and more capitalist tricks took effect and bled people’s pockets. On French TV on December 7th someone said in the studio of the propagandist BFM TV station that the “elites” in France have never been so rich. And she was telling the truth. Special schemes are used to keep most of the wealth in this “club”, and the working man and woman never see any of it. Many US companies are involved.

Alarm bells were ringing on the evening of December 6th, when BFM TV held a special studio debate (please note that the full video has been deleted by BFM TV because it didn’t suit Macron’s agenda) between 4 Gilets Jaunes reps and the Ecology Minister. This was unprecedented – normally the populace are totally ignored! And the whole show involved the latter treating the former like naughty children who are ignorant. Marlene Schiappa, who is an employee of Macron (she is paid to promote “gender equality”…) behaved like a true brainwashed liberal who treats the poor with contempt. She tried to corner the Gilets Jaunes with the “violence” card, but didn’t want to mention how people are violently exploited every single day under Macron’s regime. And of course, she didn’t want to mention how many Euros the French government has spent on waging war abroad – Africa, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Libya etc.

Despite learning that this Minister, François de Rugy, earns €9,000 per month, we also learnt that the token gestures offered by the Prime Minister (such as a tax-free salary bonus for December) were not going to work. People wanted all costs to decrease, and not just this or that tax.

Just 2 months ago Macron gave the order to search the premises of Melenchon. This was reminiscent of his dirty campaign against Francois Fillon, and is scarily similar to what Petro Poroshenko is now doing on a daily basis. It’s not a “democracy” whatsoever. It is a dictatorship.

France has been told 24/7 that Le Pen is a “nazi”/“fascist”, and that everyone has to pray for forgiveness for their anti-semitism. One could easily notice that French TV over the last 6 months has pushed forward this topic very aggressively. This is very similar to the Dreyfus affair, where someone who is deemed to be “undesirable” is smeared with stupid tropes.

France has been told 24/7 that there are 3 categories: “extreme-left”, “extreme-right”, and “center”. Of course, “kind” Emmanuel Macron is the “center”, and the rest are “extreme”. However, this is a well-designed scam prepared to allow the “elites” to hold onto their wealth.

According to this logic, if you don’t agree with Soros’ migrant invasion projects and you don’t agree with the genocide of Palestinians, you are like Dieudonné, apparently. You are a “Nazi” who is a threat to Jews. This is basically the political paradigm in France (and also outside France).

What’s interesting is that the current situation in France and in the UK is very similar. The “old guard” that bulldozed Iraq because of “WMDs” and enjoyed the legacy of Sykes-Picot is finding it more and more difficult to dangle the carrot of materialism above the “peasant” class. What’s probably the most disgusting thing about the current situation in France is that the TV keeps running adverts for cars, insurance, iPhone, McDonalds, etc 24/7. The average working man and woman can’t afford all this sh*t and now they don’t even try to take out credit.

A program on French TV on December 7th (BFM TV again) told the stories of different Gilets Jaunes supporters across the country. There was a common theme: they all switched to a money-saving regime. Whether it is growing vegetables in gardens or cycling instead of driving, they all were becoming increasingly desperate.

No more will people try to “keep up with the Joneses”. In fact, many prefer to flee the cities altogether, although they encounter the same problem in the rural areas – lack of employment and sky high bills. I guess this is why Portuguese, for example, come to France and buy up property…

There is one dynamic that isn’t talked about much. We hear a lot about the Gilets Jaunes, the ambulance staff, railway workers, the farmers, and also the police (who strike too). We, however, don’t hear a lot about the youth. And this is done deliberately too. It is the youth that will suffer the most because of France’s actions in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, Africa, etc. The government has been lucky because we are in the Instagram generation, thus the youth were blinkered. But Mr S-400 has now forced reality to take effect.

The consequences for pensioners go without saying. They are treated like stray animals who are left in the corridors of hospitals for hours upon hours and essentially left for dead. If you are elderly and alone, you are screwed. Neither society nor the state will help you.

Macron’s clique tried to dirty the Gilets Jaunes movement and portray them as savages who only smash things up. But then there is a question: let’s assume that there are delinquents who do actually do this – they are still French citizens, no? Or they are “subhumans”?

And here is where the problem lies: since society is extremely fragmented and essentially a hodgepodge of the “fruits” of colonialism, migrants (those who have their roots outside France) don’t mind smashing things up. For them it is revenge for what France did to their homeland. And they will never become “French”, nor do they want to, since they know that there is no “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” in France. This is the core of the matter, and not liberal tears about “violence”. If people felt like they were a part of something and that the state cared about them, then the desire to torch a car or loot a shop wouldn’t rise to the surface.


Thus we have an interesting scenario. A Russian (for example) can come to France and speak to a “French” migrant, and they can have a mutual understanding about what life is like here. This is because they have experienced something else, and in reality they came from a real democracy.


[Translation: “When France likes to give lessons of democracy to the whole world, asking that the freedom of demonstration be absolutely respected …. in other countries”]

Any political model that nudges people towards the “center” by manipulating people’s psycho-emotional circuits is more akin to a concentration camp. And that’s basically how one can describe life in a country like France. “Métro, boulot, dodo” it is called – or in other words: pay your taxes and shut up.


So what will happen in the next few months? Well, it can be said with certainty that certain irreversible processes have now been set in motion. Russia has stopped France from looting abroad, and now we see the result. Chaos. However, America doesn’t want Russia to spread its influence across Europe, and thus Washington prefers (controlled) chaos like that seen now in France. But the war in Syria was indeed a turning point, where the consolidated USA+UK+EU bloc was shattered into pieces. But this can give rise to many civil wars inside Europe.


Understanding what the EU really consists of is very simple – just look at Ukraine, which is being forcibly switched from the Soviet model to the “democratic”/“civilised” Western model. We see how a once prospering nation is suffocating and close to slitting its own throat.

A Gilets Jaunes protestor broadcasts his opinion about the EU on December 8th in Paris

As I said, the French youth will be the driving force for change. They have been cornered by the “neoliberal” model of trickle down economics, and there are enough examples in history where the youth have provided  the needed energy to change the course of the ship.

The EU flag on the BTR that the Macron regime sent to attack his own people on 08.12.18

I don’t think that Soros or Clinton or Russia or the CIA or Planet Nibiru is behind the Gilets Jaunes. However, Russia did change the rules of the great game, and this accelerated the speed of the boomerang towards Paris. You play with fire (al Nusra), you get burnt.

Whatever happens in the near future, time is no longer on the West’s side. The “evil Russia” routine is losing its effect. Gazprom is expanding and certain African states are happy to let Moscow have a say concerning regional processes. Macron, Merkel, and May and the vision they represent are finished.

Donetsk People’s Republic in Paris’ demonstrations. December 8th 2018

As the saying goes: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Syria was one war too many. The “elites” and their military-industrial complex and corresponding lobbies became drunk on arrogance in the proverbial casino, and thus were booted out by the Russian bear – sans profit. But this doesn’t stop America from selling its simulacrum to the masses. Here we see the contents of  the December 5th edition of the DC comic “Doomsday Clock”:

As usual American comic books are weaponised to target enemies of the empire. Yesterday it was Fidel and the communist menace from the Soviet Union, China, etc. Now it’s Assad, and Moscow, again. As filthy as it can get.

And here we see the latest photoshop from the Takfiri “Syrian opposition”, where we are supposed to believe that Assad rounds up the youth with chains:

Both are astronomical lies, and both were cooked up in the same Anglo Saxon kitchen. But every action has a reaction:

So who are the “Gilets Jaunes”? It’s simple. They are the people who the likes of Merkel try to dispose of. The native labour force. The EU bombs MENA, knowing very well that people will be displaced, and then herds the fleeing Middle Easterners and Africans towards the EU – a cheap labour force, which will not complain and will be glad to live in a shack with mould on the walls. And it shouldn’t be excluded that “Gilets Jaunes” will pop up in other countries where the population is slowly waking up and realising how badly raped they are by their own government. After all, look at what happened on December 8th 2018 in Brussels:

BELOW: Belgian demonstrators clash with police in Brussels “in support of comrades in France.”

There is light at the end of the tunnel, as it is for sure that inside Europe there are many like this man below, who understand what is happening around them and refuse to accept genocide:

Geopolitical analyst Ollie Richardson is a senior writer with Stalkerzone.org. Besides stalkerzone.org, his work has been published by leading counter-establishment sites such as The Saker, and The Greanville Post. 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License


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Revolutionary wisdom

Words from an Irish patriot—


“There are three kinds of violence. The first, the mother of all the others, is the institutional violence, the one that legalizes and perpetuates the dominations, the oppressions and the exploitations, the one that crushes and flattens millions of men in its silent and well oiled wheels. The second is revolutionary violence, which arises from the desire to abolish the first. The third is repressive violence, the object of which is to stifle the second by making itself the auxiliary and the accomplice of the first violence, the one that engenders all the others. There is no worse hypocrisy to call violence only the second, by pretending to forget the first, which gives birth to it, and the third which kills it. ”

Dom Helder Camara, Brazilian Archbishop and liberation theologian



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6 thoughts on ““Maidan” in France, or a national uprising? Ollie Richardson’s compleat guide to the Gilets Jaunes

  1. Very interesting comments on ‘the situation’ in France which reminds me of the student revolts in 1968 but changed according to a different world even though the basic unbearable problems are the same. Europe is a colony of the US which becomes painfully clear in France, where language differences excluding much of Anglo indoctrination remain unadaptable, unlike Britain, Germany and Scandinavia. This analysis is intricate and correct, but it will remain outside the restricted intellect of most US citizens (reason why the US can go on as it does now with ‘improved’ chaos). But how much effect will it have, because the power of a nation rolls over all like the Paris Commune in 1871. One may not encounter a similar violence, but the principle is as cruel because it involves human engineering allowable by improved communication methods. Like Hitler wrote in 1925, lies become acceptable if they are merely big enough of which the US is the best example and the wonders of neo-liberalism have permeated all Western societies.

    1. Even with a revolt in a large European country like France, I cannot see much change in the world situation because the US has the preponderance of increased military might and the strength of the dollar reserve currency. The last is slowly being threatened by the increase of economic powers of China and with other countries, but there again the military strength of the US will prevent a swing to another reserve currency. Change must come from within the US and that is prevented by the accepted untruths from the indoctrination by schools, churches and the media, all in lockstep with each other. In fact, the country will never be the same after Trump, something which is not yet being realized, but his embattled tenancy has loosened many anchors of the establishment. We are drifting into unknown waters, either beneficial or maleficent…

  2. It’s a protest by the more fortunate (middle/working class) over hikes in fuel costs. Not a movement, certainly not a revolution. A consumer protest.

  3. The coming recession in the US and the world will take care of any revolutionary movements and aspirations towards revolution as people will have to struggle for survival. Though there will be many demonstrations, violent or not like the yellow vests one presently in France, they can easily be contained by the increasingly militarized police. Following the shock of the devaluation of the currency, the structure of the capitalist system will endure, in fact increase towards total control. The awareness of the masses at present does not include a desire for total change, but rather an adaptation of circumstances to superficial social reforms. Unfortunately, it appears that only a major climatological disaster may induce humanity to correct its devastating methods of intense exploitation and domination of nature and other beings. That is where we stand now.

  4. What is interesting about the palace revolution against Trump and as history so often has told us, is that after his fall, the resistance will be also weeded out and many first-tier antagonists will disappear. Even the US media will go through a tough rearrangement. The whole political upper management needs a readjustment to fall into place with the demands of the status quo ante of the real owners behind the by the media outed semi-owners.

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