EU ‘disinfo-busting’ outlet targets ‘Russophiles’ in McCarthyist campaign to push own narrative

DANIELLE RYAN—Because remember, in good, free, open Democratic societies, questioning established narratives is unacceptable and grounds for public shaming and having your name immediately placed on some kind of Twitter blacklist. You might also be as surprised as I was to hear there is apparently an overarching “Russian narrative” for every world event, regardless of whether or not it relates to Moscow in any way.


Chasing Shadows: Socialism Won’t Go Away Because It is Capitalism’s Antithesis

ALEX STRAUSS—It’s not enough to implore today’s capitalists to take note because they are bound by the dynamic sway of the system itself–growing profits and shareholder value, year-over-year, or bust. Fundamentally, global capitalism, which has stretched its tentacles to every corner of the Earth in its quest for value and infinite growth and expansion in a world of finite resources, poses an existential threat to planetary life.


Capitalism Killed Our Climate Momentum, Not “Human Nature” [annotated]

NAOMI KLEIN—Others have remarked on the maddening invocations of “human nature” and the use of the royal “we” to describe a screamingly homogenous group of U.S. power players. Throughout Rich’s accounting, we hear nothing from those political leaders in the Global South who were demanding binding action in this key period and after, somehow able to care about future generations despite being human.