The Macron Implosion – Will it Spread to Other EU Members?

PETER KOENIG—Come to think of it – NATO. Wasn’t it Emmanuel Macron, who called a few weeks ago for an independent European army? That would make NATO obsolete – well, or would it? If taken by the letter, NATO has been obsolete for the last almost 30 years, but of course, nobody takes NATO by the letter. NATO is a killing force for the empire, and a huge trillion-dollar profit-making proposition for the US military industrial complex. So, when Macron called for a European army, he may have upset some very violent interest groups, those who literally make a killing from killing. He may have gone a step too far in his imaginary role as King Macron.


The Yellow Vests in their own words——”It’s not a demonstration, it’s an uprising!”

PATRICE GREANVILLE—The people of France are simply fed up with the status quo prescribed by neoliberalism and its tentacles in every sector of society—media, politics, and certainly the economy. Here they express their pent-up anger in cogent and impassioned words. It’s worth noting their circumstances apply now to most countries in the so-called developed world, not to mention the uber-exploited third world.


Which way forward for France’s “yellow vest” protests?

ALEX LANTIER—Saturday’s massive crackdown was a searing lesson in the character of bourgeois democracy: as soon as there is any expression of genuine popular opposition, the guns come out. After riot police backed with military armored vehicles and water cannon kettled and assaulted peaceful protesters starting early in the day, violent clashes erupted in all France’s largest cities. A record 1,385 people were arrested.