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BLOWBACK: Current events through a Marxist lens / The Collective West’s NAZI Infatuation / POLITICO’s pathetic apologetics

Historical and Political Discussions of Questions that Decide Our Lives

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Billy Bob's Dispatches

Does fighting the Soviet Union make you a Nazi? Yeah, in WW2 and later, you bet it does, no matter how you want to spin the tale, as POLITICO's pathetic article tries to do.
The Blowback roundtable convenes to discuss current events and to relate them to the dominant political ideologies proliferated by the Western ruling class.  The popular paradigm of “Democracy vs. Authoritarianism” (or "Democracy vs. Dictatorship") peddled by Western propaganda is critically examined in this episode, and an alternative conceptual framework is advanced.  A framework based on a (Marxian) material analysis of where wealth and power actually reside, and where they truly originate. This timely and essential discussion needs to be mainstreamed and proliferated across the entirety of the Western world.  Mainstreaming these kinds of conversations is a pre-requisite to the establishment of a strong working class opposition to the road to global war that the ruling class is driving us down.


Editor's Log:

An unusually compelling program.
A formidable panel led by Billy Bob, with Ben Toth in Hungary, ("3rd generation Communist"), Carlo Parcelli (poet/activist, Washington DC) and Leo Zhao, (artist/intellectual, in Berlin) tackles issues cropping up in the US empire as chaos, panic, political bungling, and massive self-delusions multiply upon the realization that the Ukraine project is a bust likely to consolidate the rise of a multipolar order. Living in a bubble of unchallenged self-approval, the depraved Western elites simply miscalculated. They hugely underestimated Russia's cultural strength, its de facto strategic bonds with China and Iran, and the colossal, largely autarkic industrial and defense infrastructure inherited from the much maligned Soviet Union. What's worse, from being cynical injectors of Orwellian big lies into the hoi polloi, these elites, now in their pathetic mediocrity and desperation, are becoming their most avid consumers. Comforting fantasies are their opioid of choice. 

The Canadian Nazis fiasco • POLITICO (an US/German media platform) pushes dishonesty to an art form in justifying the unjustifiable •  The moral degeneracy of Western leaders (and, naturally, the hidden ruling elites), is evidenced not just by their longstanding and thinly veiled Nazi sympathies, but by grotesque retail outbursts they proffer with increasing frequency, such as UK's former defense minister, Ben Wallace's advise to Kiev to recruit ever younger people, teenagers, to pursue the anti-Russia war, literally to the last Ukrainian. The equally degenerate Josep Borrel, EU's "top diplomat", is also on record with similar ideas • The moderator (Billy Bob) urges the panel to "unpack" the widely used (but bogus) idea that the West is a democracy but Russia and China are dictatorships • Washington and its vassals are busy convincing each other that "To overcome the challenges posed by 'dictatorship' we really, really need to win in Ukraine." •   This is obviously convenient to the legion of grifters profiting from the Ukraine tragedy. • But, there's more. The real question (as Leo Zhao notes, 13:00) is why the capitalist West lacks real democracy • As to the matter of "dictatorship" infecting the world outside the confines of the "collective West", the whole proposition is a falsehood grounded in ignorance. Marxism explains it clearly and irrefutably • In a world still divided by classes, ALL governments are a dictatorship, all governments are authoritarian. The only question is WHO, which class, is served by the "dictatorship" holding state power— the aristocrats, nobles, enslavers, capitalists— or the masses, the vast majority of the people who, at any point in recorded history, have done the actual work. • The old refrain, scratch a liberal and you find a fascist remains true. Liberalism and fascism exist on an ideological continuum. From Weimar on down, history offers numerous instances of this. Whenever capitalism is threatened, fascism rears its head. Italy, Spain and Germany in the 1930s are a prime example.

Billy Bob is an unusually gifted teacher of living Marxism. You rarely see a major topic being discussed without him adding the proper historical and theoretical framework so that viewers (especially newbies) can see in real time how Marxism turbocharges political insight.  This roundtable is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in or committed to social change, as well as a superior understanding of contemporary reality.
Rating: 10
Endorsed by the editorial board. 
The Greanville Post has dedicated a special section to the Blowback roundtable.

Billy Bob is dedicated anti-imperialist activist and blogger. You can reach him at his Facebook page HERE.

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I can see why the TGP editor is enthusiastic about this program. These people can teach the public how to understand events in a manner that is clear and capable of suggesting productive action. Much social change activism is consumed and wasted in liberaloid struggles that almost always deal with inevitable symptoms of a (by definition) diseased system that permits only cosmetic “improvements”. I’m certainly looking forward to future selections. As an old-fashioned, non-factionalist Marxist, I am relieved to see these people are not Trots. THAT would have been huge error, but, of course, unlikely in these pages. Thank you… Read more »

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