US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela—as boldfaced and outrageous as it comes

VENEZUELA UNDER ATTACK • UNITED NATIONS LIKELY TO BE IGNORED. A takeover by Washington’s designated shills, with assistance from the Venezuelan Fifth Columnists, and prominent Latin American traitor regimes in Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, while Chile and Ecuador play fiddle. The Venezuelan coup is a test of liberals’ pretensions to human rights and the rule of law, not to mention their professed hatred for Trump. Washigton’s move also a test of the European Union’s own claims to respect for the rule of international law.


The FBI’s police state operation against Trump

That is, the nation’s top police agency was concerned that the positions adopted contravened certain basic tenets of dominant sections of the foreign policy establishment. By what constitutional authority can the FBI, based on political positions adopted by one or the other of the two main capitalist parties, open up a secret investigation into treason and conspiracy?


Gilets Jaunes: The End of Dystopia

ISRAEL SHAMIR—The American nationalist right is too law-abiding to achieve anything. They used some non-institutionalised violence against blacks, and even that was long time ago. They collect a lot of weapons but never use them against hard targets. They have lost their will to fight. Probably they won’t even defend their President Trump if he were to be removed from power. They have to join forces with some dynamic blacks who aren’t afraid to disobey authority, but for that, they must understand that their enemy is the liberal establishment, not the blacks or immigrants. The French far right had concentrated on the immigrants for too long a time, and failed to take a place and lead the protests.