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The ‘Kosher Nostra’ Nation

GREG MAYBURY—‘No alliance of progressive parties can hold a candle to Israel’s hawkish governing coalitions. No liberal newspaper can pull the public away from the tabloids that back PM Netanyahu and his rivals even further to the right. And no upstart activist group has been able to sway the hearts and minds of significant numbers of young Jews, brainwashed with ever-increasing doses of Zionist propaganda…Top Israeli lawmakers openly incite against leftist figures with frightening regularity, knowing that these attacks will only increase their own popularity among Israeli voters. Even without this egging on, Israeli society is increasingly purging its leftists from positions of influence, as the Israelis who’ve lost their jobs in recent years…for their left-leaning views can attest to.’


Amos Oz was no dove

HADAR EID—Oz, like Avnery, belonged to a group of Israelis who are trying to set their own, restrictive parameters for the Palestinian struggle or qualifying their support for it to serve their political agendas. It is of paramount importance, within this context, to distinguish among different variants of such support or recognition.


The “IAF’s” Use Of Civilian Airliners As “Shields” Raises A Few Questions

ANDREW KORYBKO—It should be said at this point that Russia isn’t the world’s “sky marshal” and its military has no obligation to impossibly monitor each and every civilian flight coming to and from Lebanon and Syria in order to respond at a moment’s notice in case the “IAF” briefly takes them “hostage” as “shields” while bombing IRGC and Hezbollah positions in the Arab Republic, nor for that matter did it ever commit itself to protecting those two targets from “Israel” after “passively facilitating” over 200 of Tel Aviv’s strikes against them from January 2017-September 2018 alone.