Tall Tiananmen Tales and the Little Red Pill

ABOUT THE AUTHOR “I’m equally ashamed that I have been an unwitting dupe to fall for this blatant, state-corporate brainwashing most of my life. Not anymore. Like Neo in The Matrix, since returning to China four years ago, I am renouncingREAD ON

OPEDS: Grand Central Nature

[This is an archival essay (November 15th, 2010)] Reposted here by request A Jug of Wine, a Loathe of Them, and Thou With original thread (Dissident Voice) by Randy Shields FIRST ITERATION APRIL 25, 2013 I used to be aREAD ON


Main image: © epictimes aced with mounting pressure from animal welfare organizations and bans and restrictions by local jurisdictions, Ringling Brothers finally relented on the use of elephants as entertainment. Ringling’s announcement that it will phase out the use of elephantsREAD ON

Tiananmen, Trump & The American Psyche (REPOSTED)

Crossposted at During a Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump praised the Chinese government, not for what they actually did, but for what the mainstream media had reported them to have done. He said “When the students poured into Tiananmen Square,READ ON

NEEDS TO BE SAID AGAIN: Syria under attack—a horrible deja vu, made in Washington

Andre Vltchek Itinerant Philosopher and Journalist They Are At it Again he West is striking again; it is stabbing the very center, the heart of the Arab World. This time it is —if we are to believe it—targeting the groupREAD ON

Turkey, Aleppo

Kurds Lose Out As Neo-Ottoman Turks Steal Syria’s Jarablus

Trending News “Extra” Credit: Down With Tyranny! [Photo: Turkish soldiers in the Aleppo region in 2015. Anadolu/Fırat Yurdakul] August 24, 2016 from Moon of Alabama Kurds Lose Out As Neo-Ottoman Turks Steal Syria’s Jarablus Early this morning Turkey invaded Syria.READ ON