John Walsh on tactics to rebuild a genuine left alternative

Tactics & Strategies Regarding the path to follow during the current crisis OpEds I would say two things: . First, the “progressive” (aka, “liberal” rebranded ) movement has a failed political outlook. For Class Politics it has substituted Identity Politics (aka, the New Bigotry or the New Racism) and for Anti-Imperialism it has substituted “Humanitarian Imperialism.”  Thus the bedrock issues ofContinue reading

Nonviolent Action: Why and How it Works

Robert J. Burrowes onviolent action is extremely powerful. Unfortunately, however, activists do not always understand why nonviolence is so powerful and they design ‘direct actions’ that are virtually powerless. I would like to start by posing two questions. Why is nonviolent action so powerful? And why is using it strategically so transformative? When an activist group is working on anContinue reading

China Rising, a book by Greanville Post correspondent Jeff Brown, climbing to the top among titles dealing with China.

  Jeff J. Brown’s brand new release, China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations, has quickly achieved a milestone. According to book industry tracker Pronoun, Your book is in the Top 1% of all books in: > History > Asia > China With competition including Sun Tzu, Confucius, Mencius, Henry Kissinger, Jung Chang and New Yorker magazine’s Evan Osnos, thisContinue reading