Russian Navy fires high-precision Kalibr missiles at ISIS depots. (Videos)

The Russian Ministry of Defence reported, on Friday, that six Kalibr cruise missiles have been fired from two Russian navy frigates and a submarine, on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria’s Hama region. Footage from the Russian MinistryREAD ON

War and Peace in the Lugansk People’s Republic: Dr. Eduard Popov visits Donbass frontline

The lion’s share of UAF soldiers and officers do not understand the point of this war against their yesterday compatriots and some Ukrainian troops consider the war to be altogether criminal. This can also be seen in the mutual hatredREAD ON

Assault on Language, Part 2: “Extremism”

In addition, there is my allegedly “extreme” position on the environment, which is not so much a priority for “Die Linke” but is the most important issue of all for me personally. I am convinced that only a radical transformationREAD ON

Nuclear Weapons Ban? What Needs to be Banned Is U.S. Arrogance

The damage to human society, and to “the planet”, from the projected rise of a few degrees of global temperature, while commonly described as apocalyptic, would be minor compared to the results of all-out nuclear war.  More to the point,READ ON

The Kurds Are Ethnically Cleansing Arabs From Raqqa, And The World Is Silent

By Andrew Korybko, GlobalVillageSpace To get back to the urgent issue at hand – the ethnic cleansing of over half of Raqqa’s majority-Arab population – this is a “godsend” to the Kurds’ plans to “Balkanize” Syria through the expansion of theirREAD ON

The truth behind those strange-looking LCS vessels

US Tax Dollars Incompetently at Work, But, hey, It’s Good for the World. Less Likelihood of War. As a nonprofit, we are making this material available to our readers under the provisions of “fair use”—U.S. Code › Title 17— inREAD ON