Love vs Pornography, Revolution vs Passivity

By Andre Vltchek Every great love is confusing and often painful. True revolutions are never tidy, never easy, and never faultless. It is because both human love and human passion for progress and change consists of a set of complex emotions and instincts, sometimes clashing, often co-existing somehow inharmoniously, but always creating great whirlpool of passions, which actually makes lifeContinue reading

A US government lie exposed: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. China Rising Radio Sinoland 170505

Left, Emmanuel Goldstein, whose name obviously has Jewish connotations, is the fictitious symbol for all the people to hate, in George Orwell’s “1984”. Right, the image of Osama Bin Laden, whose name obviously has Muslim connotations, is a framed up stooge for all the people to hate, in the Western false flag playbook. Different eras, different enemies to dehumanize andContinue reading

The Vanishing U.S. Left

GLEN FORD • DANNY HAIPHONG Appendix Why contributing to the Greanville Post is urgent and makes sense. DISCLAIMER What will it take to bring America to live according to its own self image? Share This: