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US Imperialism & Sanctions Are Driving Venezuela Migrant Crisis, NOT COMMUNISM: RBN’s Nick Cruse

Karine Jean-Pierre, we learn, a Wokist and fierce anti-communist.

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I'm reposting this video, first published about a year ago (Sep 22, 2022), because of its permanent didactic power.  Here's Biden's press secretary, the regularly rude Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), twisting history to school her captive audience on "the horrors of communism." Most people know little about KJP, besides the fact she replaced the mediocre Jean Psaki for the post, which makes KJP little more than another hack and Democratic operator serving one of this century's most virulently imperialist and corrupt administrations. But surely there's more than the condescending facade. So who is this Karine Jean-Pierre? The Wiki's mildly adulatory page offers a few  explanatory details:

Karine Jean-Pierre (born August 13, 1974) is a French-born American political campaign organizer, activist, political commentator, and author.  She is the 35th White House Press Secretary since May 13, 2022.[1] She was the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary from 2021 until 2022. She is the first black person and the first openly LGBTQ person to be Press Secretary.[2]

Jean-Pierre was the chief of staff for Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris on the 2020 United States presidential campaign and was the first Black woman, and the first lesbian, to ever hold that position.[3]

Jean-Pierre was born in Martinique, France to Haitian immigrant parents.[4]She was raised in Queens, New York.[5]

The Wiki forgets to mention that Jean-Pierre, besides being an overqualified WOKE specimen given her racial and LGBTQ creds, is also an accomplished red-baiter. This makes Jean-Pierre something of a traitor to the political faith of her parents, reputedly members of Haiti's Lavalas party. For those with no knowledge of Lavalas, or the alarmingly tragic political history of Haiti, all of it underwritten by French and later US imperialism, suffice it to say that Lavalas was led by the genuinely progressive Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a socialist / liberation theology priest who in 1990 became the first democratically-elected president of Haiti.

As a textbook example of what it means to be close to the US (a fate also shared by the Dominican Republic and other nations in the hemisphere, and about which Simon Bolivar duly warned Latin Americans), Aristide's desperately needed reforms, example and great popularity, soon proved  too much for the US oligarchy which promptly organised a series of coups and economic sabotage to get rid of the annoying priest. This didn't prove as easy as expected so eventually the empire resorted to abducting Aristide in broad daylight, later dropping him in a "forced exile" in the Central African Republic. Though the usual Haitian right-wing goons and military were involved, this was actually a case in which the whole imperial establishment, foreign and domestic was involved.

American meddling in Haitian affairs goes back at least a century. As even the CIA-redacted Wikipedia notes, "between 1957 and 1986, Haiti was ruled by the family dictatorships of François 'Papa Doc' and Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, [regimes world-known for their institutionalised thuggery]. The misery endured by Haiti's poor made a deep impression on Aristide himself, and he became an outspoken critic of Duvalierism."

The above details inform my disgust with Jean-Pierre, putting her in the squalid category of probably being a Haitian gusano by choice, gusanos being notorious for their vicious anti-communism and counter-revolutionary obsessions. Not surprising, then, that Jean-Pierre chooses to inflect her political speech with frequent invocations of that old chestnut about people "fleeing Communism" (due to its supposedly repressive nature). It's clear that KJP knows little or nothing about communism, nor why Haiti could benefit enormously from a genuine revolution.  Unfortunately, traveling in the privileged circles she does, she has zero chance of learning much about these vital subjects. The always astute Nick Cruse could teach her a thing or two about political reality, but I'm afraid she wouldn't listen. Dommage! —PG

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