This Is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine

ERIC ZUESSE—For as long as America’s Democratic Party continues supporting and endorsing this Obama-installed nazi Government in Ukraine, America’s Republican Party will continue to be able to call this support by the US Government, of nazism in our time, bipartisan — because it is — but bipartisan unity on an issue doesn’t mean that the policy is correct, nor even that it isn’t both racist and fascist: nazi. It means merely that the media continue supporting it, instead of exposing it. They keep lying about it.


The Edge of Heaven

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—Anytime a person turns away from the crowd whenever that crowd is either misled or non caring, they really find the edge. It was heroes like Sophie Scholl who almost all of us could not even come close to emulating. She was inside the Nazi beast in Germany while her nation did such horrors. She risked her life, and literally ‘lost her head’ because of her need to speak ‘Truth to Power’.


Do Western Warmongers Want Us All Dead, or What?

PHIL BUTLER—Russia has absolutely no interest in Europe other than tourism and natural gas sales. Of course, a preemptive invasion to create a “kill zone” should NATO advance is a real strategic probability. But in general, all Europe has to offer Putin and Russia are more mouths to feed. Let’s be clear on this. Russia holds all the natural resource cards. Russia has all the free land left. Russia has been on the defensive since FOREVER. Point two. Besides an Eiffel Tower and some ancient ruins to visit here or there, the Russians pretty much have everything Europeans do. Let’s move on to point two.