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And remember, war is quite probably the maximum threat to the environment and all life on this planet. Even in peacetime, even without the use of nuclear weapons, the expenses and operations of the military are an enormous, unnecessary burden on people, animals and the planet's supporting ecosystems. That's why you may see articles in this section defending peace and denouncing militarism, and the culture of death and profits that makes it inevitable. The fact that the US does not have a real, effective antiwar movement is not only a shame, it is a crime against all humanity who must depend on the actions and inactions of this benighted nation's population. 

New research sheds light on a key dietary change in early human evolution

New research sheds light on a key dietary change in early human evolution

By Philip Guelpa, wsws.org 14 October 2013 Recently published research provides a strong new line of evidence that the evolutionary ...

NRA’s Tony Makris Hitler Comment: ‘Under Wild Skies’ Hunted And Killed After Host Shoots Elephant

By Christopher Zara, International Business Times NBC Sports and the Outdoor Channel have both dropped the NRA-sponsored “Under Wild Skies,” which ...
Bolivia's Morales: Pursuing semi-socialist paths while still using capitalist notions like "growing the economy" and "unlimited extractivism" betrays the revolution, the people and the planet itself.

Radical Political Economy of the Environment

The Real Green by JAVIER SETHNESS CASTRO On Saturday, 5 October, the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) held a ...
This dog was treated by a vet, but many were put down at the outbreak of WWII

Buried History: Britain’s Great Pet Massacre

Prefatory note by Ruth Eisenbud Britain: The Great Pet Massacre first kill all the dogs... Only in a nation as firmly ...

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