William Cardona Deconstructs Univision’s Resident Propagandist Jorge Ramos (Spanish & English summary)

Actually there is no need to imagine. It's happening already.

Those who think Univisión’s veteran “anchor” Jorge Ramos is just a bold and hard-working journalist are badly deluded. As our readers may remember Ramos just covered himself with infamy by trying his best to ambush President Maduro during a phony interview, the kind of stunt he has pulled before in the service of US imperialism with both Presidents Chavez and Morales.

In this video (unfortunately only in Spanish) a Colombian commentator, William Cardona, tears Ramos’ entire stunt to shreds. Among other points he makes:


1. People eating from garbage trucks and garbage dumps are common in Colombia, Washington’s star ally in the region, and prime accomplice in the garroting of Venezuela, as well as probably other nations with huge inequality gaps, including Brazil, Central America, and even Mexico. Ramos however is happy to choose Venezuela as the example, only to “prove” that socialism doesn’t work, or that Maduro is inept, corrupt, or all of the above, just as Donald Trump recently proclaimed before an audience of gusanos and reactionaries in a ridiculous speech in Florida.  Cardona states unequivocally that in Colombia, his country, he has seen on numerous occasions many people gathering around and following garbage trucks looking for things to recycle (and possibly sell) and for food and clothes, too. This is a daily occurrence, affirms Cardona. As well, says Cardona, dozens of people live by picking food from municipal dumps, by regular dumpster diving in various neighborhoods, or wherever great amounts of garbage accumulate.

2. Cardona further notes that the “evidence” filmed by Ramos suggests the situation was staged—a false flag—as the supposedly “homeless” youths dressed in a manner typical of the middle class. “They had a script to enact,” says Cardona, alluding to several details giving the lie to Ramos’ claims. These youths were simply “the protagonists of a shady show concocted by Marco Rubio and his sicarios” to simply provoke President Maduro, hiding behind the shield of “being a journalist.” It quickly became clear, says Cardona, that whatever Pres. Maduro was explaining about the reality of his country was not going to be presented to the international audience, just the slanderous propaganda package facilitated by Ramos.

3. Cardona also says that Ramos should not strut around claiming to be a victim of some unfair roughhousing by Maduro and his people since he was never in any danger, and he had literally insulted the president calling him a murderer and a dictator. “I stopped Maduro…I put him in his place..” Empty braggadocio, worthy of poltroons. We wonder if he would display the same type of audacity interviewing an ISIS chieftain in his own lair.

El montaje de la basurita… Jorge Ramos.

William Cardona.
Published on Feb 27, 2019

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• Jose Lapiz: Lapiz says upfront that he does not support Maduro, does not support socialism, but that he does not approve of an opposition strategy based on imperialist lies. (Lapiz clearly does not like American meddling in Latin America.) “The Venezuelan people must decide this.” Lapiz calls Ramos a Chayotero, “un vendidazo”, which in Mexican slang signifies being a presstitute for the plutocracy. He also criticizes the Spanish-language tv chains Univision and Televisa for squandering television on telenovelas and sensationalist, lying “news” programs in the service of the privileged.
(Below) “Me bloqueo Jorge Ramos en Twitter por haber descubierto sus mentiras..”

Jorge Ramos Montó una Provocación en Venezuela – Noroña Entrevistado por José Cárdenas (Jorge Ramos staged a provocation in Venezuela)

NOTE: José Gerardo Rodolfo Fernández Noroña (born 19 March 1960) is a Mexican politician from the Labor Party (formerly from the Party of the Democratic Revolution). From 2009 to 2012 he served as Deputy of the LXI Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing the Federal District.

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William Cardona is a Colombian blogger and commentator residing in Bogotá, Colombia.

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