Author: Posted by Addison dePitt

Art of the Dealbreaker: Trump’s Cancellation of the Summit with Kim

GARY LEUPP—Whether this is a temporary setback or the collapse of diplomatic efforts, Trump looks bad in this situation. He seems petulant and hypocritical. Yes the North Korean statement by a high-ranking woman in the Foreign Ministry is defiant, but many Koreans are like Trump in that when attacked rhetorically, they counterattack rhetorically. In this case the insulting language was intended to echo Trump’s language vis-a-vis the DPRK.


Gaza: Grandstanding Around a Slow Motion Genocide

ANNE GARRISON—There are few imaginable solutions beyond the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, which hasn’t managed to rein in Israel’s aggression so far. Is it foolish to imagine that European nations and/or Israel’s other trading partners would impose sanctions? According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity , the top export destinations for Israeli products are the United States ($24B), China ($3.25B), Hong Kong ($2.89B), Palestine ($2.86B) and India ($2.13B). Israel imports the most products from the United States ($8.56B), China ($5.86B), Switzerland ($4.05B), Germany ($3.8B) and Belgium-Luxembourg ($3.44B).


The Left Needs More Critical Debate and Real Discussion, Less Twitter/Facebook Name Calling and Mic Drops

BRUCE DIXON—So-called social media, as Jodi Dean and others have explained for years, is NOT our friend. It’s not even social, except in the sense that it hijacks the social interactions of millions and turns them into private property, into marketing data and makes the owners of that data into billionaires. That’s not good. Even worse, we have allowed the parasitic marketing platforms of communicative capitalism to teach us how to interact with each other.