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Countering Western Disinformation on Russia and Other Nations Opposing the American Empire



UPDATE—Malaysian liner down—accident or false flag?

UPDATE—Malaysian liner down—accident or false flag?

OpEds— PATRICE GREANVILLE Update: The Height of Cheek Having distorted and obliterated the context in which this dreadful accident took place, the US Empire's mouthpieces, from the Liar in Chief to the myriad of presstitutes that populate the Western media, ...
Putin, Ukraine and the Future of Europe

Putin, Ukraine and the Future of Europe

Why Hasn't Putin Intervened? by JACK RASMUS [A]s the military crisis in the Ukraine has intensified with the fall of key rebel cities, like Slavyansk and Kramatagorsk, and as new decisive conflicts for the capitals of Donetsk and Lugansk regions ...
Ukraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb

Ukraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb

Dispatch from Tony Cartalucci [A]fter a brief ceasefire, Kiev has resumed the bombardment of populated centers in the eastern breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, both bordering with neighboring Russia. Kiev and its Western backers face a confounding dilemma – continue ...
The bombing of eastern Ukraine

The bombing of eastern Ukraine

Peter Schwarz, wsws.org [T]he brutal actions of the Kiev government against the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine are directed not simply against a few thousand pro-Russian separatists who have entrenched themselves there. The means being employed are ...
The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

The Gaza Bombardment – What You’re Not Being Told

As the truth is massacred daily by the mainstream media...can we really blame the American people for acting so dumbly? 15.Jul.2014 DISPATCH FROMSCG The corporate media isn't just distorting the facts on the Gaza assault, they're flat out covering them up ...
Ukraine -- Kievs War | The Heroes of Novo Russia

Ukraine — Kievs War | The Heroes of Novo Russia

By George Eliaso In life and history- even in horror rise very distinct examples every person and people hope they could be like. We all hope to have the courage to be the hero- to love humanity enough to defend ...


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Tom Riviere December 25, 2022 - 4:51 am

If Vladimir Putin is described as a war criminal, thug, dictator, and modern-day Hitler, it is appropriate and indeed necessary to ask about American presidents. For brevity’s sake consider only those American presidents who served since 2001. U.S. invasions and interventions in western Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Horn of Africa have displaced more than 37 million people since the “war on terror” began. Why shouldn’t George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden be called war criminals too? Silence in the face of their criminality gives license and approval to U.S. aggression.


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