Day: January 3, 2011

Honor the WikiLeakers

By Alexander Cockburn  [print_link] January 01, 2010 Crosspost “Information Clearing House” — — When it comes to journalistic achievements in 2010, the elephant in the room is WikiLeaks. I’ve seen many put-downs of the materials as containing “no smoking guns”, or as being essentially trivial communications to the State Department from U.S. diplomats and kindred government agents around the world.Continue reading

The Nation joins the campaign against Julian Assange

Left-liberals: dependable as a weak reed   Knee-jerk bourgeois feminism trumps support for antiwar/anti-imperialism struggle By David Walsh  [print_link] 30 December 2010 The Nation magazine in the US, with its publication of “The Case of Julian Assange” by columnist Katha Pollitt (posted December 22, 2010), has joined the right-wing campaign against WikiLeaks co-founder Assange, a campaign directed by the highestContinue reading