hange is a word that both intellectuals and the intelligentsia of America are discussing in these times. However, one is justified to wonder what kind of change they mean. As a rule when intellectuals/liberals speak of change, they mean reformREAD ON

Brazil: Fighting in the Streets

  FRONTLINE NEWS— Reports, News Flashes, and Commentary from Various Conflict Zones Around the Globe HUMANITY IN TORMENT =By= Carlos Aznárez   Practice makes perfect they say, and the US has refined its coup strategy to a fine art. How simpleREAD ON

Broken Chains -

Why I Am a Communist!

Andre Vltchek Itinerant Philosopher and Journalist Andre Vltchek speaks from the heart about the West’s brutalization of the planet and its people, and about the power of resistance and community. (rw) here are several essential messages literally shouting from theREAD ON

Creating Resilient Communities

=By= Robert C. Koehler “Conflict happens in isolation.” Wow, that’s it. A sense of awareness ignited as I listened to Kristin Famula, president of the National Peace Academy, make this seldom-acknowledged observation. When we feel wronged, violated, disrespected, suddenly we’reREAD ON