The Counter-Revolution

ADRIAN KUZMINSKI—These disruptions were not to be tolerated. Wealthy establishment leaders put their heads together and launched a top-down counter-revolution. They funded think-tanks, conservative media, and right wing politicians–most of whom preached a libertarian politics derived from Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand. The catchword was “freedom” and the idea was to remove all impediments to making or sharing money. Crucial to their success was the co-optation of the Democratic party leadership.


Revisiting Revolutions, a Comparison

The Daily Shakespeare fter a fitful fever (1) of debates and round-tables, often packed with common sense and sometimes with uncommon nonsense, the dust of antique time (2) may gradually settle on the memory of the 1917 Russian Revolution. In 2117, assuming but not given that schools may


The Unraveling of the US State

Born in genocide and slavery, the U.S. state “can neither reform itself out of economic crisis without attacking the poor, nor manage the exploitation of the oppressed without intensifying state repression.” U.S. imperialism has devolved to a permanent state of war — and war fatigue.