Transformations—Actor James Cromwell was motivated to become a full vegan and animal advocate after playing Farmer Hoggett in “Babe”

Cromwell had been a vegetarian since the mid-1970s but became an ethical vegan in 1995 while filming Babe. In his interview with TakePart, the actor explains how he came to the decision: “I was doing a picture in Australia called ‘Babe,’ working with a lot of animals and animal trainers. I cared about their welfare and then, of course, you have lunch and it’s all there in front of you, and I thought, I should go the whole hog, so to speak. So I made that decision and kept that during the shooting. When I came back, I got involved with PETA, and of course, the film opened and it was very successful”.


Court Rules Iowa Ag-Gag Law Unconstitutional in Major Victory for Free Speech and Animal Protection

For more than a century, the public has relied on undercover investigations to expose illegal and cruel practices on factory farms and slaughterhouses. No federal laws govern the condition in which farmed animals are raised, and laws addressing slaughter and transport are laxly enforced. Undercover investigations are the primary avenue through which the public receives information about animal agriculture operations. Iowa is the biggest producer of pigs raised for meat and hens raised for eggs in the United States, making it critically important that investigations there are not suppressed.


Giant Crocodile Rescued in Sri Lanka

PATRICE GREANVILLE—At TGP we are animal defenders. We therefore celebrate the enlightened handling of this enormous crocodile by the villagers and authorities in Sri Lanka, near the Nilwala River. Their act of kindness mirrors the longstanding traditions of the Indian subcontinent, of deep respect for fellow creatures. We therefore salute the people of Sri Lanka! The faces we see in these images are the faces of civilised human beings, for there is no higher virtue in the human heart than compassion for anyone—animal or fellow human—who cannot help himself.