Dump The Guardian

The Guardian is: [Quote] ‘among the most biased and self-righteous institutions around…full of private-school-educated Oxbridge graduates who see themselves as crusading liberals fighting against corporate and state power. But if you step a bit to the left of them, you will know about it. They guard their left flank religiously, instructing the world that anyone operating there is beyond the pale.’ (They are in one word: establishmentarians.—Editor)


MEDIA LENS: Venezuela Blitz – Part 1: Tyrants Don’t Have Free Elections

DAVID EDWARDS—On February 4, the front page of the BBC website featured a heroic picture of Guaido’s mother kissing her son on the forehead at a protest rally. Sombre, stoic, the saviour’s head appears bowed by the weight of the hopes and expectations of his people (people who, until recently, had no idea who he was and had never voted for him). This was a pure propaganda image. More will certainly follow. We discussed earlier BBC efforts here.


Jimmy Dore: Media Erasing Tulsi Gabbard From Presidential Campaign

It’s now clear the mainstream media presstitutes are once again trying to control the political process in the US, this time by trying to destroy the credibility of antiwar Tulsi Gabbard as a voice worthy of attention. And her own party is in on this foul scheme practically leading the charge.


Controlling The Message, Controlling The World: From Vietnam to Venezuela

SCOTT PATRICK—Complaints about authoritarianism and the quashing of dissent ring hollow when the U.S. just conducted a major sales deal with Saudi Arabia, a repressive monarchy that only just months ago had one of its most prominent critics, journalist Jamal Khashoggi, murdered in Turkey.

It is also unreasonable to expect either Chavez or Maduro to have diversified the economy, fulfilled their promises to help the poor, and heal the country’s social divisions while the Venezuelan opposition was simultaneously attempting to overthrow their democratically-elected governments (with not-so-clandestine U.S. support). Yet this is implied in U.S. media coverage as the path they should have taken, and no alternative view is investigated or offered.