Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists

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The author is a senior political analyst with, a socialist publication. 

^0Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

Ignorant about domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The most important act anyone can do is stop using all mainstream media.

No exceptions whatsoever. It’s brainwash propaganda.

Toxic sludge for the mind.

Voices like this are NEVER heard on the mainstream media.

The "1%" is the global plutocracy, the billionaires.

A sociopathic, puny segment of humanity.

These people pretend to honor and defend democracy.

But are its murderers and undertakers.

Gross injustice, war, grotesque inequality is their handiwork.

And the murder of the planet

Just 8 billionaires own as much wealth as HALF of all humanity.

That's 8 guys are richer than 4 billion people.

The corporate media is their main line of defense.

That's why the best way to break their hold on us...

Is to break their media.

The corporate chokehold on political information is killing us.

Save humanity, the planet and its innocent creatures.

Increase public distrust in the mainstream media.

Defeat their power to mislead.

They lie 24/7. They sell you war. Injustice. Death. Confusion.

And they never stop.

Some more obviously than others, but they all lie.

So trust no one on the Big Media.

And beware of "entertainment shows".

Most also carry highly toxic imperialist propaganda.

Like the fungal NCIS series. Or "24", glorifying DHS.

The police state.

Or CBS Madam Secretary.

A ridiculous show, like The West Wing.

Telling us the US government is good.

That the president is good...that its cabinet is good.

That the US establishment—which they represent...

has noble aims. Rubbish!

Get the healing truth from citizens' media.

Like The Greanville Post and similar free voices.

Do your part to break the power of the mainstream media.

Defeat the presstitutes. The media felons.

Become a soldier in the battle of communications.

Which we must win.

As the ruling cliques prepare the world for nuclear war...

now it's a matter of survival!

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ANDRE DAMON—Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris Hedges informed the WSWS Wednesday that his articles had ceased appearing on Google News. Hedges said the change occurred after the publication of his interview with the World Socialist Web Site in which he spoke out against Google’s censorship of left-wing sites.
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Parting shot—a word from the editors
The Best Definition of Donald Trump We Have Found

In his zeal to prove to his antagonists in the War Party that he is as bloodthirsty as their champion, Hillary Clinton, and more manly than Barack Obama, Trump seems to have gone “play-crazy” — acting like an unpredictable maniac in order to terrorize the Russians into forcing some kind of dramatic concessions from their Syrian allies, or risk Armageddon.However, the “play-crazy” gambit can only work when the leader is, in real life, a disciplined and intelligent actor, who knows precisely what actual boundaries must not be crossed. That ain’t Donald Trump — a pitifully shallow and ill-disciplined man, emotionally handicapped by obscene privilege and cognitively crippled by white American chauvinism. By pushing Trump into a corner and demanding that he display his most bellicose self, or be ceaselessly mocked as a “puppet” and minion of Russia, a lesser power, the War Party and its media and clandestine services have created a perfect storm of mayhem that may consume us all. Glen Ford, Editor in Chief, Black Agenda Report 

Make sure many more people see this. It's literally a matter of life an death. Imperial lies kill! Share widely.
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One thought on “Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists

    Skip • 2 hours ago
    The wsws should create a mirror sight with a different name. Every time they post an article to the wsws it also goes to the other sight. But on the other sight you have links to the in clever ways.

    Skip • 2 hours ago
    The lines are being drawn, the battle is coming.

    Skip • 2 hours ago
    Didn’t Socialists learn from the Russian Revolution that you can never deal with the provisional government . In other words that you can never deal with liberals. They are always right there ready to throw you into the fire.

    The working class must move straight to power at every chance.

    U.S. and them • 4 hours ago
    The One Per Cent are getting very, very nervous.
    And what happens when socio/psychopaths get nervous?
    Extreme prejudice.
    The Truth Omission is only the beginning.

    Rapha • 5 hours ago
    Sen Mark Warner, a former owner of a telecom firm and a multimillionaire who represents Virginia’s massive defense industries and high tech contractors, is a potential Democratic nominee.

    Todd Smekens • 5 hours ago
    I agree with Chris Hedges and also believe much of the censorship on alternative media is legacy media influences who are grappling with declining subscriptions and lack of trust.

    They really don’t want competition in our “free market”. I’ve been told Google’s censorship program entails confirmation with legacy media in the vicinity. I went from Google News to now a blog.

    When both political parties and the media are owned by the corporate state, I’m not sure why we put up any pretenses about what this country is no longer – a representative republic.

    FireintheHead • 6 hours ago
    To be expected . Google will have blood on its hands as surely as they who pull a trigger , press a button.

    Try as they may to control the political order of things , they cannot be exempt from the centrifugal forces of things greater than themselves.

    We shall see .

    Skip FireintheHead • 2 hours ago
    We learnt from the Bolshevik Revolution that no matter how hard the ruling class tries to stop the advance of history, they eventually fail.

    Steve Brown • 6 hours ago
    The US ruling class and its allies have been conducting an undeclared world war for a long time, not only against its national rivals but also the worlds working class yet few seemed to have noticed. This is not surprising as the bourgeois press have until recently had a monopoly on news, on editorial control, on choosing what to publish or not to. The internet explosion changed all that, democratising free speech and giving outlet to critical exposure of capitalist classes oppression and wars. It revealed the bourgeois press to be the source of “fake news” of the cover-ups, the dissemination of false provocations and of surreptitious justifications. The US is currently involved in forty wars across the world. It is threatening nuclear war against Russia and China, its military spending is at an all time high, legions of refugees victims tramp the world. “defensive war” is being promoted under cover of defending nation state and democracy to turn working class opposition to war and to the ruling class, into national defense and justification foreign invasions, nuclear war and any permit any obscenity for defence of the ruling class.

    John Upton • 7 hours ago
    With the implementation of internet censorship and a totally servile media it will not be long before political opponents disappear and that’s it. Silence.
    The world knows of the disappearance of 43 Mexican school teachers. Not even crimes of that nature will get reported and disseminated in the future.

    лидия • 7 hours ago
    I have just tried to look for wsws in yandex news and found a lot of articles citing wsws in Russian. Looks like wsws in Russian is a fairly popular source, about Google censure too, by the way.

    K SHESHU BABU • 8 hours ago
    Slowly but surely, the rulers are trying to get a firm grip over journalists and journalism by weeding out left- minded scribes in whatever way possible. Unless protests start now and the the advance of such websites blocking freedom of expression, the opposition may be crushed and leftist opinion may be throttled. Internet is a growing outlet of social media opinion exchange and unless this is saved, the rulers will dominate over people’s voices. Hence, a mass upsurge to stop such measures is essential

    grok • 8 hours ago
    Revolution is indeed a Baptism By Fire.

    Bankotsu • 8 hours ago
    I didn’t know that Google was that shameless.

    My views of Google changed after reading this article.

    Google is nothing but the dog of the U.S. ruling class.

    Sebouh80 • 9 hours ago
    The blacklisting of Google of left wing websites and journalists comes at a time when there is a growing dismay of the decaying American bourgeois political system which in recent years has become the embodiment of imperial wars and growing social inequality levels to levels not seen since the 1930s. In any case, during the 1950s with the start of the Cold War era Senator Joseph McCarthy became an important figure for the system to silence and intimidate all those opposing voices in America whom he had described them at that time as Bolshevik sympathizers intended to takeover the American way of life. Now a similar dynamic is being unfolded with the American search engine giant Google in censoring all those progressive voices for not being able to reach out to their masses. In this sense Google is now serving as a useful tool for the American ruling establishment.

    Reyter • 9 hours ago
    I just uninstalled the Google News app. It felt good and I should have done it sooner. Still looking for an alternative to the search engine. Yandex is good but when one searches for “Russian Revolution”, the first news site they link to is BBC!!! Surely some kind of stupid joke but I’m not laughing.

    U.S. and them Reyter • 3 hours ago
    Duckduck go is a reasonable, but far from perfect, alternative.

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