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A unique site with an important mission.


Shoshana applying her "warpaint" as she prepares to deal a death blow to the Nazis in Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Don't ask us why we feature these images here. It's part of our quirkiness. 

THE GREANVILLE POST is a counter disinformation site and media monitor created to oppose imperialism in the hybrid war sphere and to advance peace, socialism, healthier cultural forms, and an urgent shift in the manner humans treat nature and animals. As such if often spotlights the increasingly common intersection of induced stupidity, high-handed political fraudulence and domestic and international criminality which characterize life in the American Empire and its satellites around the globe.

Viewed in a dynamic manner, our primary focus is on history, the infotainment world, the political and corporate class (both so intertwined as to be almost inseparable in many cases), and their main instrument for mischief, the corporate mass media, which via constant escapism, disinformation, and gross omission of important truths continue to serve as the chief ideological guardians for the capitalist system.

We publish many types of anti-imperialist analysis, including materials originating with Marxian sources. This is only logical, considering many editors on our team operate as independent leftists with a strong Marxist analytical foundation. We do not however endorse any faction or tendency, including Trotskyism. 

The Greanville Post is published by VNN, Inc., which is also responsible for Cyrano's Journal Today, an archival site.


Editors, Writers, Contributors, Collaborators & Staff

"All the way down, Sir!"

Patrice Greanville, Editor & Publisher
Jeff Brown, Associate Editor, Beijing, Geopolitics, Information Warfare, Sino-Russia developments

Rowan Wolf,  Emeritus Managing Editor
Ed Duvin, Editor at Large (All topics)
Gaither Stewart, Senior Editor / European Correspondent (Rome-Paris)
Branford Perry, Associate Editor & Network Rels (Politics, History, Literary); Social Media, and also founding editor of      Branford Perry's Hipokrisy.net (now dormant).

Steven Jonas, Senior Editor (Politics & Culture)

Andre Vltchek, ROAMING: Politics, Culture, History, Revolutionary Arts, Cultural Analysis
Michael Faulkner, London Correspondent, Politics, History, Current Events
Felicity Arbuthnot, London/Middle East Correspondent, Politics, History, Current Events
Eric Zuesse, Senior Contributing Editor, Investigative Historian
Godfree Roberts, Special Editor for Asia Affairs
Peter Koenig, Senior Contributing Editor
F.W. Engdahl, Senior Contributing Editor
Max Parry, Contributing Editor


Joe Bageant, † AssociateEditor Emeritus (1946-2011)

For a full roster of editors and contributors, please see our AUTHORS page.


Margo Stiles, Business Manager
Angela Swann, Design Consultant
Please send all correspondence to the editors in the care of Margo Stiles, who will forward the message(s) to the corresponding editor(s): margo.stiles@greanvillepost.com  If you have not received an acknowledgement within 24 hours, send to greanville@gmail.com.

The Greanville Post is a publication of The Voice of Nature Network, Inc., (VNN) a not-for-profit organization.

The Voice of Nature Network's mission is defined as follows:

"The Voice of Nature Network, Inc. (VNN) is devoted to the furtherance of world peace based on social justice, ethical education, scholarship, authentic democracy, and the protection of and elimination of wanton exploitation and destruction of planetary ecosystems and non-human animal species."

In keeping with this mission, VNN publishes websites and videos dedicated to coverage and discussion of issues related to politics, war and peace, wealth and poverty, cultural and media criticism, social and political analysis, history, and science. VNN also aims to develop PSAs and public education campaigns on various issues of ecoanimal urgency (i.e., the preservation of near-extinct marine and land animals; the alarming pollution of oceans and waterways; the global ecosystemic destruction caused by amoral industrialism, etc.) and advanced websites to support animal defense work, social justice, and world peace.

By resolution 11.a adopted 27 November 2015, VNN states that its ultimate aim is to foster authentic democracy anchored in citizens who embody—inter alia—the following qualities: 

• S/he is a world citizen—that is someone who knows a fair amount about the world (science and history in particular);
• S/he seeks both physical valor and intellectual refinement ("mens sana in copore sano");
• S/he is accomplished in music and versed in the arts;
• S/he is charitable—aware that real strength lies not in material force, but in the power to give forgive, help, and heal.
• S/he rejects the canons of human supremacism as a form of primitive fascism toward nature, seeing, instead, the rest of nature and all other non-human species as part of a family to love, respect and defend and not as mere objects or creatures to exploit, kill, exterminate, and tyrannise at will;
• S/he recognises kindness, sharing, and selflessness as the supreme virtues in any social compact, and the cornerstone of all healthy and stable societies.
• S/he recognises that capitalism is on an inexorable collision course with nature, and that its core dynamic and values guarantee endless war,  inequality, economic insecurity, brutal social strife and a variety of other social ills that spawn and prolong many forms of suffering on this planet.

Opinions expressed in these pages do not necessarily reflect the position of The Greanville Post, its editors, or VNN, Inc.

Make sure many more people see this. It's literally a matter of life an death. Imperial lies kill! Share widely.
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