A Less Long And Rambling Response To Lesser Evil Voting

NICK PEMBERTON—However, the question remains: how do we get leverage in a lesser evil system? Organized resistance on the streets, yes. But what about electoral politics? Does the current system present options against fascism, or does it only provide roads to it? Let’s not forget that Donald Trump succeeded by pointing to political figures on both sides of the aisle and saying: you haven’t done enough. As long as politics remains as is, he can say those things and be right. As long as the corporate duopoly runs as currently constructed, the only opposition available to corporatism will be fascism.


Trump’s Alliance with Body-Choppers, Death Squads and Child Killers: Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Israel

JAMES PETRAS—Washington has launched a strategy of military encirclement and a trade war against China. The White House rounded-up Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Korea to provide military bases which target China. Nevertheless, up to the present the US has no allies in its trade war. All of Trump’s so-called Asian ‘allies’ defy his economic sanctions policies. The countries depend on and pursue trade with and investments from China. While all pay diplomatic lip service and provide military bases, all defer on the crucial issues of joining US military exercises off China’s coast and boycotting Beijing.


Be Skeptical Whenever The Political/Media Class Converges On A Single Narrative

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Saudi Arabia has been a staunch ally of the US for decades, gaining the support of the most powerful military force in the history of civilization in exchange for the petrodollar deal, a strong military/intelligence/economic asset in a key strategic region, and (perhaps most importantly) a completely opaque and unaccountable government that can get away with perpetrating unfathomable evils that the US and its western allies could never get away with. But that doesn’t mean that can’t change as oil and energy dominance shifts and the empire restructures its assets to the benefit of the plutocrats and their lackeys.