An open letter to Bill McKibben

ERIC SCHECHTER—Eric Schechter, a retired professor of mathematics recently fired an open letter to celebrity activist Bill McKibben. As is common when attempting to reach famous people in a heavily mediated and neurotic culture as America’s, the effort may often prove fruitless and frustrating. “I wrote an email to Bill McKibben, but it bounced back with a “mailbox full” error message. I don’t know what else to do with the letter, so I’m reposting it here. Maybe, if enough people share it, it will eventually reach him.”


On July 4th, American Exceptionalism, and Ruling Class fear of Trump

DANNY HAIPHONG—What is clear is that conditions for undocumented immigrants, Black Americans, and the increasingly impoverished working class in general will only worsen. Imperialism does not rest. Aligning with the US ruling class against Trump is political suicide for the oppressed, plain and simple. There is no “progressive” side of the ruling class in the United States. We are living in capitalism’s end game.


The class war over wages

ERIC LONDON—Workers all over the world, increasingly connected by international communications and supply lines, are advancing demands for substantial wage increases. In the US, teachers in Arizona asked for $20,000 wage increases. In Germany, metalworkers demanded a 6 percent wage increase for 3.9 million workers. In France, rail workers remain on strike against attacks on wages and benefits. Norwegian oil workers went on strike Tuesday demanding an 8 percent wage hike.