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China and the US on human rights

If the real meaning of the term “human rights” is used, it is evident that China has the best human rights record in the world — and those words are carefully chosen. China has lifted more than 630 million people out of poverty — more than the entire population of the European Union or the continent of Latin America, and almost twiceREAD ON

Urgent Warning: Time to Hit the Reset Button on U.S.-Korean Policy

There are 83 U.S. military bases on South Korean soil and U.S. warships often patrol the coast. U.S.-South Korean military exercises have been getting larger and more provocative, including dropping mock nuclear bombs on North Korea.The US military also announced that it would permanently station an armed drone called Gray Eagle on the Korean Peninsula and it has been practicingREAD ON

China and Russia: The Bilateral Relationship That Matters

At the core of this new phase is another bilateral relationship which I regard as far more critical in shaping the present and the future. This is the relationship between China and Russia which is at its zenith at this point in time. It is a relationship that covers the entire gamut from finance, energy and agriculture to military andREAD ON