All MSM Pundits Are Whores For Power Like Hannity; He’s Just Honest About It

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—“Sean Hannity is now on stage at the Trump rally repeating Trump’s midterm campaign slogan, ‘Promises made, promises kept,’” tweeted NBC’s Christina Wilkie. “Hannity, earlier today: ‘To be clear, I will not be on stage campaigning with the President.’” “Sean Hannity is to journalism what Donald Trump is to conservatism,” tweeted Hannity’s fellow Iraq war cheerleader Max Boot.


Of Deep State Media Puppets, American Elections and Non-Americans’ Interest in What We Do

P. GREANVILLE—In the vast majority of cases Americans do not realise and the media fail to properly remind them (properly being the key operative word here, it takes considerable repetition to get a counter-matrix idea to stick) what their government is doing abroad, in their name, behind glowing euphemisms, or, as is the case with the current unfolding ecocide, not doing at all, that is the complete failure to adopt prompt, extensive and ambitious mobilisations in industry and society to at least attempt a reduction in the planetary costs of the oncoming capitalogenic catastrophe.


Bolsonaro: a Monster Engineered by Our Media

JONATHAN COOK—Despite their professed concern, the plutocrats and their media spokespeople much prefer a far-right populist like Trump or Bolsonaro to a populist leader of the genuine left. They prefer the social divisions fuelled by neo-fascists like Bolsonaro, divisions that protect their wealth and privilege, over the unifying message of a socialist who wants to curtail class privilege, the real basis of the elite’s power.

The true left – whether in Brazil, Venezuela, Britain or the US – does not control the police or military, the financial sector, the oil industries, the arms manufacturers, or the corporate media. It was these very industries and institutions that smoothed the path to power for Bolsonaro in Brazil, Viktor Orban in Hungary, and Trump in the US.


Fact-checking the Tor Project’s government ties

YASHA LEVINE—For years, the Tor Project — along with other government-funded crypto tools like Signal — has been seen in almost religious terms by the privacy community as the only way to protect people from government spying online. The Electronic Frontier Foundation held up Tor as the digital equivalent of the First Amendment. The ACLU backed it. Fight for the Future, the hip Silicon Valley activist group, declared Tor to be “NSA-proof.” Edward Snowden held it up as an example of the kind of grassroots privacy technology that could defeat government surveillance online, and told his followers to use it. Prominent award-winning journalists from Wired, Vice, The Intercept, The Guardian and Rolling Stone — including Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald and Andy Greenberg — all helped pump up Tor’s mythical anti-state rebel status. Even Daniel Ellsberg, the legendary whistleblower, was convinced that Tor was vital to the future of democracy.