I went to the Newguard website, and see that they have a Feedback page. So great that they are so transparent and open. So I sent this feedback:

I noticed that your organization is the guardian of truth….this is very commendable.

Usually, when I am reading the news, I look at the story, and then I look at the story behind the story, and look at who is telling the story, and for whose benefit. For example, during the destruction of Libya, CNN reported that China, which had I think 30,000 workers doing projects in Libya, was called out by CNN, because of their large military budget, at the time 90 billion dollars. That is a large amount of money!

The story went on to point out that the US military budget was slated to be cut.

The only issue with that $90 billion was that the US budget at the time was well over $500 billion and rather than being cut, it was raised to now over $700 billion. While China’s military budget has also grown, it is still only about 1/5 of the US military budget. And while China sent 2-3 ships to rescue its workers, which was called by CNN, a ‘dangerous projection of Chinese power’, the US has a whole fleet of dozens if not more than 100 ships, including huge aircraft carriers, of course, to guarantee the peace.

The problem with that narrative is that CNN aided and abetted the total destruction of Libya, which had free health care and education. It is now infested with terrorists. And slave markets. Thanks CNN. Goebbels would be proud of you.

My questions are as follows:

Why do you give CNN a green A rating, when sites that told the real truth get red bad ratings?
And also, who funds you to allow such perfidy?
And finally, have you no shame?

Please get back to me with your answers. And this time, at least be honest.

The real answers are:

*Because you support wars for profit.
*Because Lies sell wars for profit.
* No, we have no shame. We have sold our souls to the devil of war and we just don’t care as long as we make money off of this corrupt, destructive system.